Fulfillment and apples


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due To their professional activities, I often meet people who are thinking about self-realization. And you know what I noticed? There are three types of people (if you remove the gray shades).

1 group.

People want to reach the top, but I don't know what to build. And rely on other people. Rather, see yourself in the reaction of other people. And the process of self-realisation becomes emotional. After all, clever books and cool bloggers say "to grow", "pump yourself" or you're outside, otherwise you reject. And in order to achieve something, you have to "step on your throat" and to keep up with the times entirely without pleasure. People themselves come up with the scope and favor, "usefulness" and "goodness" and then I get angry at it all. Yes. This is logical, You say. I agree with You.

2 group.

People who are not interested in self-realization. For them – it is something transcendental complex and unnecessary. And they always devalue what others strive to succeed and learn. Such a "Grandmother-Eiki, who are always against". They are comfortable in their world, and they get very upset and offended if they offer to leave their comfort zone. Value of self-actualization do not see.

3 the group.

People who develop in spite of all prohibitions, convictions and misunderstanding. People who are not like the others. Which strikingly stand out from the crowd. I want to try, fall, rise, and achieve success in different areas of their lives. They have a mode of "self-Realization in fun" as the mode of life by default. And they are happy. And they are not afraid to be unconventional. Not afraid to be yourself. And they communicate a lot of detached threads and go to a therapist. And therefore they are stronger. And so they have change for the better happen faster. It's months, not decades.


some people don't live in the "protochniy" "chitak" or "nanoelements". And they have every right to it. I especially like it when such people do not lend their toxicity to others. There's Apple freeze, not even dissolve color.

And those who seek to realize their potential, always in the way there are mentors, teachers, wise men... the One who is seeking his vocation /life purpose - find them. And the only question is the willingness to improve your life, the willingness to do something for yourself. And then have enough energy to give something to others. Optional, of course. But always with pleasure J And then you can collect a great harvest of apples. Different and tasty. Some immediately go into use, the other after a frost.

And You to which group?

What's Your tree?

At what stage are You?

Give yourself an honest answer. Admit your mistakes and successes and take what You have now. And it is definitely a plan of action and the energy to implement. Vzaimoraschetyi. With pleasure.

PS On vzaimoraschetyi will write in the next article.

"Harmony UP" Your life, dear readers.

Your Ioannina Zaruba.

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