a Couple of weeks ago I came for a consultation client, a young girl. Her query was sharp, about the breakup.

during the conversation she casually mentioned that graduation coming up. I asked that she finish, what is your specialty? It turned out, the psychological faculty. Somehow very distantly she said, without emotion. Ask why and whether she's going to make psychology a profession? She says, "No, thank You, I'm afraid of that responsibility. This I did, more for my mother."

And what he wants to do in complete uncertainty. Working in the service sector. Wants to change the industry, but is not what.

I, of course, included internally. It seems to have worked so hard, finish the UNIVERSITY, will soon graduate. Are not going to use the newly acquired knowledge and education. But still pumped about this, and about other possible options. And request another.

we Worked two sessions about the relationship. But the relationship still stood the other. Implementation, self-determination, the search for meaning, the search for resources. And so, by chance, at the end of the second session "tomorrow, I have a diploma". I wished him luck.

And so the next day I come home and live near the University, and suddenly meet her, elegant, with a bouquet of flowers, pleased. Accidental meeting. Greet and she shares that only here defended, well, happy. And I have a relaxed and themselves out of the word "means to be a psychologist we met in a moment"

a week Passes, next our meeting. The girl comes in and immediately says "I'm so sunk into the soul of your words and our meeting! All week I think where to go next, which direction to choose. Want to try to develop in this direction! Want to be a psychologist!"

my First reaction was surprise and a little dismay at the fact that I said, and the man saw this sign. A little scolded himself for carelessness. But then I thought, I said it sincerely, and the rest is the ability to sort out the session. If this is her desire that, in addition to my words, contributed to her new attitude?

Maybe she needed a bit of support and someone's faith, that is all it will succeed in a new profession. Plus the time of graduation, have completed a certain stage in life. It is a normal thought of what to do next. And visited the office of a psychologist, for the first time, saw firsthand the process. All together and it worked.

we spent the whole hour discussing. See that energy and interest with clients a lot. I know I have something to share, experience.

the Question about a traumatic breakup somehow by itself have faded into the background, or even further. Thoughts shifted.

Why write about it? Few moments.

- we Often stop their own beliefs that we nowhere take and swallow, no chewing and no taste. Sometimes it is important to have someone from the stepped on them.

- My friend because of such beliefs that "all this just for mom" at the time threw the almost finished thesis. And through the years regretted. Another little effort, and defended.

- the Uncertainty and fear that out - normal stuff in the beginning of any activity. To overcome them helps keen interest.

- Support is always important.

- Confident look into the future helps usurping of their existing experience, knowledge and skills.

- I Love my profession, always ready to share our experience and pleased when clients have results. This is my future!

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Ludmila Fisenko
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