Future pilots: sex, money, applause.

recently we have networks there was a video where half naked young guys dancing to a Rockin ' song. In General nothing wrong there, and dance well - concerted movements. But as they say in artistry "5" and object "2". Did not like the administration of the flight school, this situation. Why? A disgrace to the flight crew, College, civil aviation. The guys threatened to deduct.

And now look at it from the psychological side. What is the reason? Why people are so eager to share all the special moments of your life in? In humans, there are three motives to make some activity: sex, money and applause.

Sex? Look at the first motif: the guys live in the men's team, drill, and similar activities tired. I want to attract the attention of others, preferably female! And the best way to do that is dancing. This motif is very suitable.

Money? I Doubt that someone these dances are ordered and ready to pay for it. To watch videos on YouTube, we all are ready, but to pay for such a view is not going to.Isn't it? Version that the guys wanted to earn it, no longer!

Applause, in my opinion, the most likely cause. Lately in society is very strong desire to become famous, to be popular, become a star. I think that desire was always there. But now there was an interesting and handy tools. instagram, YouTube, etc. did anything interesting, filled in the network, and you are already a star. However, for some reason about the consequences, few people think. Because the consequences are far away, and perhaps will not come. And the glory of it close – literally one click away. Although let's look at this situation from the other side. Not all of these guys did it for YouTube. Maybe someone was just having fun and wanted to enjoy it. But there was a group willing and posted it on the Internet. To sum up, then, in my opinion, nothing beyond the ordinary in this action there. The guys dance well. What do you think?

P.S. But what a wave of solidarity after this went up) Everyone wanted to support them! Or maybe just to become famous themselves?

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Uchaev Eugene
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