how are we different and the same as many things in common. A man and a woman - two different worlds. But the gap between us, we like to say, the Arctic, as the North and South. That is, due to the polarity and formed the force of gravity, creating a whole unity.

Quite often women resent that their spouses, openly interfere in the upbringing of children, it is possible to tell, harm. We (women) your "correct opinion", how to raise children, and he should be fit! Well the truth is, is it possible to imagine that the favorite baby will go to Boxing section? No, of course it's traumatic (once read that statistically - Boxing with a non-traumatic and safe sport). Or worse, mum knows how to put baby where to send do, with whom to play, how to talk. Once on reception the woman said that is in conflict with her husband on the subject of baby clothes. He was categorical in relation to diapers, and sometimes asked his wife, she allowed the child, at least sometimes, the house to be child naked. To which the wife replied that she's a mother and knows best what baby. When I asked, "who do You think knows better how to take care of the genitals of a boy - mom or dad?" she thought it over. "Really," says: "they have the same, boys, it's different, and he knows better."

At the time, I noticed that children brought up by member of one sex (or mom, or dad) are different from children raised by both parents. I'm not a child psychologist and work with adults, draws attention to the fact that one-sided education. Like the boy socialized, well educated, successful in their careers, but as if something was missing. As if the whole reservoir is empty.

in the upbringing of the child important mutual approach (from mom and dad) and in the solution of many, and not just family situations. We're just different, and look at the objects differently.

men are more evolved: women are more developed:

the logic of intuition

analysis and precision to detail a generalization and globalization

the specifics, the tendency to abstraction

orientation in time and space dexterity and sensitivity of hands

technical focus humanitarian focus

motive to achieve success motive relationships with others

the desire for leadership, dominance, the ability to obey (externally, i.e. demonstration of submission)br>
the penchant for innovation, risk-taking adherence to the rules, the desire for security

the desire to be first (vanity) is a desire to be unique and

unique (arrogance)

For a better understanding of our difference, I remember the anecdote that is told to us the teacher on the course sexology. Anecdote fully reveals women's and men's psychology. Dream men - I stand on the podium, I won the first place, next those who took second and third place, and around a crowd of men, and they all look at me with respect, some with envy and applaud me. Around the crowd of men - a huge number of women, who with glee and admiration looking at me. Dream woman - I stand on the podium. One! No second and third places! I was surrounded by a crowd of men who look with admiration for me. But around this crowd of men - a huge number of women, dead women. And if even one is alive, and one man will look at her, I'll kill you.

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