In one of the comments to our article "So the woman was happy," we read of the reproach that psychologists write about women's happiness, and on the men not writing, creating a so called gender inequality. This was the reason for writing this article. And, really, why write about happiness, not about men's? And whether gender equality?

to get started is to decide what constitutes "gender equality" and how it differs from the concept of "equality".

First a priori wrong, because men and women are not equal in the biological sense. We are arranged differently and have a different role in the phylogeny: a woman gives birth and raises children, keeps the hearth. And the male feeds and protects his family. How many centuries had passed since cave time, and it would not have changed a person in a social and cultural sense, these roles have changed little. At the very least, any man in the world has managed to have a baby.

Second, the notion of "equality" affects more the social roles of women and men, their rights in society and their contribution to the progress of humanity. Since gender differences do not affect the level of intelligence of men and women, and modern women, thanks to contraception, not staying in a permanent state of pregnancy feeding children, as it was before, they had the opportunity to Express themselves in society, self-actualization. Therefore, in recent years in different countries there are companies and movements in women's rights freedom of self-expression and gender equality.

But as man is a biosocial being, women and men have different innate biological needs that influence the motives of a modern equal society women and men. So, women are the dominant innate needs - to be a mother and homemaker. Therefore, for women it is so important to create a family and have a child. And the older she gets, the more he feels frustrated if these requirements are not implemented.

men Have the same innate needs, are achieving a certain social status and material wealth, which will allow him to feel earner for his family. If this need is not implemented, or not implemented, the man does not seek to create a family and to take responsibility for a wife and children. This is why many men prefer to cohabit with a woman for many years and not to make her an offer of marriage which she is waiting for him.

understanding the difference in these innate needs may explain differences in the aspirations each other and to remove the potential for conflicts and disagreements. As for men's happiness, then in most cases it is enough to him a woman loved, valued, respected and not belittled his manhood. Men are usually less picky in relationships in contrast to women, although we should not forget about the individual characteristics of each pair.

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