as for the forum rage serious passions around this topic, I'll contribute, only from the point of view of neuropsychology.

so, miraculously, in the household and students ' minds there is a very interesting juxtaposition of genetics and upbringing. And scientists, in a funny way to break the spear, shibas in verbal fights about what's important. But is there such a contrast, really?

Let's deal. And look at the nature of man to start with the most fundamental positions. Namely, look at the language. I think no one will argue that the language – something that people completely learn in life. It is 100% acquired and depends on the environment. Children are born without knowing any language and then the language will say and whether to speak at all depends entirely on the language environment or the lack of it. Seems pretty straightforward, right? Well, let's look at the kitten. Domestic cats usually live about the same conditions as the children in language environment. But, strangely, for some reason, we do not observe the kitten's speech. Apparently, one environment enough?

I can already hear the objections, saying that the kitten-not a man! Well, well, wait a minute. And chimpazees? He also does not speak and do not learn any form of speech without special training. Although he is not a person. Well, there are people who from birth are incapable of speech or very limited able. These people have some genetic characteristics, and they have born with a poorly developed cortex of the brain responsible for speech. Disorders of the intellect have no such people (in addition to secondary disorders associated with difficulties in understanding speech). It turns out, it's 100% genetically determined?

Yes, the presence of speech 100% determined by the environment and 100% depends on genetics. An unexpected turn, right? But let's not stop there! It's a boring thing. This is the moral of a lot more fun. It exactly depends on your environment, right? So of course, morality, its subtleties and a tendency to cross the boundaries is very much connected with the environment in which the person lives. And the same genes were found, disabling, or failure of which leads to the underdevelopment of certain areas of the cortex and to a complete inability to follow moral norms from the point of view of emotions (as we all do). Injuries of the brain, affecting the same areas, lead to the same "immorality" of the state in which a person feels what is right and what is not, and is forced to rationally weigh the options. Very well it is visible in the Serseris R°C... S RIR°RRR RRR°Rre

What goes and morality is also determined by the environment and genetics? Yes. Suddenly, everything that makes us human, is written in every cell of our bodies on a single molecule. And, without the proper influence of the environment all of this information turns to garbage. Cannot to weigh the contribution of a factor, as none of them is sufficient. Moreover, it concerns the whole of human nature, starting from basic things, such as speech, to the tendency to alcoholism.

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