Genius and evil. Sergeeva Ekaterina.

I believe that the genius and evil are inseparable concepts. The genius is a unique human ability to skillfully ,intelligently and in the right direction to use their qualities and skills. Combining these concepts: it seems to me "rose".
Remember: this flower is beautiful in its own way brilliant, but if we try to thwart it, the pricks of its thorns. Perhaps every man in his own genius, but not all know his genius, individuality apply.In my opinion, every genius is crazy, because his ideas come in a catatonic state.
Therefore, inventing something supernatural, he's not thinking about the consequences of this is partially manifested evil. The same villain that wants to do something dreadful to his benefit, he lives in his own pink world in dreams. Therefore, not quite "normal" ( I did it as a symbol), but in order to do what he wants he will need a great desire, knowledge and, of course, the ability to use it. If you remember any of the detectives, who showed there the burglar tries to Rob a Bank. He's somewhere in the mind there is a goal or dream he wants to achieve.Then he follows the motto: "the ends justify the means".
In my opinion, many people sometimes hold the same slogan, because they think His work is the most important and relevant, which will bring people happiness. But very often otherwise because among a bouquet of flowers is always a thorn. She is going to act in their own interests.

P. S. What am I thinking now?
Difficult to answer. Especially since my first specialty was associated with people with special needs. Genius he is different, outside the system. That's why he's a genius . Therefore, for others it was crazy. Genius at first is the villain for the system. As he focused on yourself, believe yourself. Sometimes, genius villain for himself as all his life he will give for the sake of ideas. Well, if the idea would give him something else. But on the other hand, for a man is a SENSE.

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