Genogram that makes it so interesting?


the Legacy kind. Genogram

well everyone knows my story.

As important for a person know who he is, where belongs to whom.

Its relationship with different generations.

What kind of parts he inherits.

What takes and what is not.

When we dive into their family history can often be a fixation on certain facts that are known, and they usually evoke a sense of sadness, or even fear of betrayal, imprisonment, repression, death, murder, incest, violence, serious illness, divorce, mental disorders, accidents, tragedies, etc. 

All of this may seem terrible. Someone will say that it has Curse of doom. Calling it “the Crown of celibacy” or “Evil fate”.

thus saying that it is difficult and sometimes even seemingly impossible to handle.

But there is another, that behind all this is not so obvious, and sometimes covered with oblivion. Namely: the simple pleasures of life. What happy, my ancestors, as a planned future. So the race went on, how did he survive? Thanks to my family appeared “I”. What helped you not to despair, to see the meanings, to enjoy, to live…

family Life is woven from the memories. Offer to fill those memories with meaning, with life, with warmth, tenderness, love.

let us celebrate the research excitement, really zainteresovalsya their ancestors, their history. Feel the simple, everyday joy.

Imagine 10 generations ago, how long will this people with their knowledge, abilities, skills, how much they knew, what we still need to see.

How, gradually, events that seem terrible, turned into just the facts. Let's say someone went to a concentration camp and, after years of gathering mushrooms in the woods, enjoying life, and proud resistance. He did accept the horrible fact of his biography and weave it into life.

Any of us, for example, specifically, you - is a carrier of many ancestral stories, and you have the right to take this heritage, choosing your path, and with the risks and resources of their ancestors.

we Offer you now begin to scan his inheritance. To do this, you can choose any method of obtaining semeynogo tree.

I suggest you to use the genogram. Genogram – a schematic representation of the extended family (includes three generations of husband and wife, children, parents), you can specify more generations. 
Method of genogram are widely used in family therapy. It allows you to emphasize certain important structural elements of the family, family patterns of behavior and stereotypes that define family behaviour and family life. 

To create a genogram uses a special language of symbols that shows people, their family ties and the relationships between them. You can draw your own, or contact me. In the summer spend campaign - paint your genogram (three generations) for donan, and the funds will be sent to help orphans in the hospital.

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