Gift. I sit on white toilet


She tells me about her feelings. Words interrupt the tears. I wait patiently, not interrupting her flow of expression of pain, confusion, despair. And in this moment it is everything. A strength and a weakness. And rain and snow. And black and white. And the top and bottom. Space and the abyss. She doesn't understand herself. Not understand - why crying, why cry, why be mad and crying at the same time. It's wrong! She is a top trainer - her students -Olympic Champions! Everything must be according to the rules. The blow – receiving – returns. Lose – win. It's simple. But why is it so difficult to accept an expensive gift sitting on the white toilet?

I'm at a loss - trying to find a connection between the gift and the toilet, between words and feelings. Pauses. It turns out that the husband wanted to make a gift. He bought the pendant with the diamonds. Ran home with the joyful tidings, and hornier in the road. Came home, and there is also a guests. He could not break into congratulations on your gift: so the words are not, that gifts are not those that the music is not the same, then the moment is not suitable.

And the gift burned hand and pocket. When he felt a light smoke from his pocket, asked her to use the toilet. In his worried mind, she realized that there was something irreparable, and the fountain began to gush forth nepopravimoe: He cheated on her, he left her, he betrayed her, he went to war, he is terminally ill. Until he reached into his pants, "Honey, you have today an anniversary! I was so worried on this occasion. After all, your anniversary speaks volumes. About you, about me. I'm glad we finally met. And you mean a lot to me. I've been looking for you." She handed him a napkin to soak up a few fat drops of sweat that had to touch his oddly bent cilia not to deform the natural beauty.

"Well!, Bastard! Say it!"- realizing the tragedy of the situation, she said, keeping the hardness in his voice: (our court in fall). His hand stirred in his pants. And her reaction: "Well, I was never in the special forces. And it saved his life. When he unclenched a palm, she saw a beautiful large diamond banded gilded hand model of the pair – male and female.

Natalia Lysenkova
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