– You me on February 23, got socks, right? And how do you feel about the iPhone saying? Where is the justice?

Frankly speaking, for me this is a strange topic. Personally, I like people, just Pimenova Sophia Sergeevne, 38 years old, wife and mother, it is difficult to imagine that my husband wanted me to do any tangible gifts and made comparative computing competition – someone who then presented how one of the other more expensive and all.

But as a psychologist I encounter, and not so rare. Why should I give gifts? Why do women think that they do have something? Why am I her gave, and she told me a scrapbook card? What the hell, why do I need a card?

the thing is, if a man is offended by the cheap gifts to his women? I see two options.

✌️First. It's NOT HIS woman. This girlfriend, free sex, too lazy to leave, do not want to be alone and other options. In YOUR woman normally invest. Yes, she spent on clothes and beauty salon and Spa. But this is me living with her, me on her face to look at. Sets rules, my woman should be beautiful and happy.

✌️Second. men so much wounded ego and broken self-esteem that he tries to recover in such a strange way. If husband wife do not trust, if you regularly listens to reproaches that he's a loser, a bad father, a bad person in principle – is a form of revenge. Game of wounded pride.

Now I will try to explain. "you, my wife, with me competing, I have you all wrong, earn a little, children are raised wrong, you don't pay, etc., etc. around you are better and smarter, and suddenly – oppa, you're my socks, and I got the iPhone. Fig, come on, if you're so clever, appropriate. Where's my iPhone? I'm for justice."

Where the competition begins, ends with love. Such things.

by the Way, the competition can go from the woman. This is when YOU try to match and give something of equivalent cost. Why?

Share, pliz, if you do not mind that I gave you on February 23? Who's ready for March 8th? Here I am on February 23, gave nothing) And on March 8 want flowers, shopping and to spend the day in silence. Are you reading, love?

sincerely, Sofya Pimenova

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