the story of the real Christmas miracles. I write with the permission of the participants change all possible details – names, age, place of work and residence, education, family, practically everything changed. Changed because it is not in these details.

Among other clients we worked periodically with the man and woman who have not seen, and could not from time to time to see each other a psychologist. Their requests were similar to all the others – "can't meet, love, I don't know how to create a family". Worry added age and frequent change of jobs – peevish in the team, conflict with management, work is not fun. Also not to make friendship with people increasingly concerned alone for the holidays and birthdays.

Eugene and Elena. This week the city was absolutely terrible drifts. Looking out the window, it seemed that nothing special happens...just quietly drops the thick of the whitest snow, moderately cold...around is pure clean and very nice new year! But public utility companies are literally non-stop, day and night released tracks and yards from the generous gifts of snowfall.

First called Eugene is stuck in traffic far from home, but promised to get there. After an hour called Elena taxi didn't come and had to get myself here, and it is a little longer than usual, so she was late, but will be required. I noticed that none of them have canceled the work, although they are stuck literally in the precincts of his court, and you can just cancel the meeting.

And the snow still fell and fell. Quietly over the Affairs passed an hour. The first came from Elena, although at the time her record stood late Eugene. We are comfortably settled and ready to work. The office smelled like coffee and frosty fur Helena. 15 minutes later, just opened the door, and in the opening appeared the face of Eugene. He wanted to tell me something that made a light gesture with his hand but then his expression changed, he opened wide the door and slowly walked over to Elena. She is an unusually bright person got up to meet him.

"Jack, you're here! Incredible! How many years has it been?"

- "she can't be! Yes, this can not be! You where in Europe?"

- "once upon a time...a long time! I wrote to you..."

"How??? I didn't get anything..."

- (me) "Is she - remember I told You about the woman I love for many years... how did You find her...where...?"

I looked at their faces and did not recognize these people. Their voices sounded happy surprise, joy, hope, and God knows what else that wonderful. There are moments when the psychologist realizes that wittingly or unwittingly, he has done his job and could leave. I quietly got up and left the office. Having returned in half an hour, found a note on the table written in a hurried and cheerful handwriting: "Thank you for everything! Happy new year!" It was a bit sad, but very nice at heart!

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