And by the way, it's not so easy. Do not have to be the silly girl, and even arranged to have you around Alphonse. What's the matter? Why are these guys so professional work? What is the recent article about Novosibirsk Alphonse, who screwed a lot of women. One of them is 42 years old, and she's quite the intelligent man and takes good position in the company.

As I understand it, the reasons are banal ability to manipulate other people's emotions. And Alphonse this is not necessarily to be handsome and a virtuoso of sex. It is well known that the woman loves the ears and heart. And that's just to sit tight lovers live at the expense of women. He tells a very tearful situation about how he was bad as a child, he was raised in the orphanage, as he patted his life. Should add the game to the needs of women, which in General, is also akin to manipulation. He talks about how he loves children, how he likes the family life as well they will live when he finishes building a house. Add a little mystery: work in a special unit, a secret laboratory or part. And, in General, before a gigolo the lady sitting full of tears of pity, joy and pride for her husband (oops, error: future husband). What do you think, is it easy to refuse a man's request when you're in a state of pity, or joy, or proud of her man? Add a touch of elegance, courtesy, sensitivity, care for the hungry woman's heart. How do you want to believe it. Here it is ladies and give all your belongings, money, and if necessary, take loans.

and then the tale ends.... Begins a harsh fact of life. So what to do, how to resist? It's very simple. The task of the manipulator is to induce feelings, so prevention that these feelings arose. Yes, the man has a difficult childhood, he did not eat candy, and if he was a girl, to play the child he would be nothing. But is pity you can build a constructive relationship? Unless it gives him the right to ask you for a tidy sum in debt? After a few days of fun! Or he has a house on the repair which needs tidy sum. Before you invest in the renovation of this building, where presumably you will live, ask yourself the question: do you have 100 confidence that you will live there? Legalized your relationship? And where is the guarantee that after a week, a month you don't break up with this person? Of course, not to be influenced is not so easy, but the question of our rationality very sober. In addition, it is useful to look at the situation from the outside and describe it to yourself without a fine. Well, for example: We know three days and he asks me 40,000 on the purchase of the phone. Says that you will get through the day. And he can't wait one day and buy it yourself?

In General, you want as a child to believe that a miracle will happen, but keep in mind that when we Mature in our hands to make a miracle. To create relationships, to love, to love, to have children, trust - these are all miracles that depend on both partners and sometimes require considerable mental effort, well certainly not pity and money.

Wish to have in your life you met honest men.

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Uchaev Eugene
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