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Let's talk about self-esteem in the context of interaction with people. Under people, in this case, I will understand how the inner circle (family, friends, relatives, close friends), and in General the people we encounter in everyday communication.

so, let's get to the criteria established against which we can determine (to myself primarily) when a girl is "comfortable", and when it is rather free.

Easy girl can be identified by the following features:

  • for her, the priority is always other people (their desires, needs), rather than her own needs and her own;
  • she is afraid of rejection and eager to get approval from other people, so to the detriment of themselves trying to gain and hold the favor of others;
  • she may be tired, burdened and irritated from having to please other people but stop doing it cannot (why - see previous paragraph);
  • she can see the purpose of life is to "serve" the people without demanding anything in return, but still waiting for the gratitude and love in response to their efforts;
  • it is easily amenable to manipulation (and often her life is surrounded by manipulators) and even knowing that she was forced to do something what she wants - has no possibility to resist it.

that is, the main feature of the easy girl that she is doing for others in the hope to obtain and retain love and approval, but almost always is the opposite – criticism, even more manipulation and rejection.

If we think about the girl loose (talking about the emotional freedom), its features include:

  1. understanding when the needs of others are inconsistent with its comfort and opportunities, and failure in fulfilling their wishes and requests;
  2. understanding of what other people can show love or has an adverse reaction to it no matter what she does or doesn't do for them.
  3. rejection of relations with people who are trying to manipulate and speculate on its relation to her desire to benefit;
  4. understanding that only she is able to know and understand themselves, and criticism or encouragement from other people are not able to affect her reactions or actions;
  5. first and foremost, it cares about themselves and their needs, and then ready to help the family, in need or about something she is asked...

to summarize, we can say that free girl is focused on themselves and their feelings, and the girl puts a convenient "at the forefront" of other people and their needs than dooms itself to emotional slavery.

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