Girl wants to meet you!


Hello friends!

Let us a little more about the relationship let's talk!


And it is about Dating men and women, young men and women.

What's a girl to do (females) if she wants a relationship, Dating, socializing with men, and desired meeting does not happen?

Often arises from girls and women issue-resentment in the style of "What am I going to throw yourself at men, the most to meet them, if I want a relationship? And how classic "scheme" when a man seeking women?"

And here questions arise for those girls and women who are "not see" activity on the part of men .

But let us take a little deeper look at this "question".

Often, consciously woman wants Dating, relationships, and unconsciously builds a wall between myself and men!- why?:

  1. She could not believe that someone decent able to please (low self-esteem);
  2. Can feel men a threat (a negative experience or its parent);
  3. May not believe that you have a partner who will accept her, which is possible to build a stable and harmonious relationship (the promise that all normal already dismantled);
  4. her Relationship right now is actually not necessary, but "ticking clock", "all the friends in pairs", "the parents are waiting for grandchildren," etc. (external setting, expectations of others, adopted as their own)

And so on and so forth...

the Main message is that  what if men bypassed if no one meets and not interested - that is the inner reason from each individual girl or woman.

And the reason for this is not in appearance (absence of beauty, figures of supermodels and the like), social status, ability to attract attention or to deceive... 

the Reason always lies a little deeper - when the girl unconsciously avoiding relationships, closed from Dating builds a wall between myself and men.

to Understand why this is so possible with the help of the psychologist, in trying to honestly answer the question "why I'm closed, why can I avoid relationships?".

returning to the issue of Dating - it is not necessary to throw yourself at men, to take the initiative in Dating and win - first it is important to deal with their unconscious blocks and see how it will affect you.

Because every day we meet endless new people and among them quite a lot of men - men who are interested in relationships and intuitively you can feel that you are ready for a relationship when it really is you unconsciously.

I appreciate your "likes" if the article was interesting for you.)

 Your psychologist, Ordina Love

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