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Joy is one of the main positive emotional States. The state of joy more often associated with the ability to fully meet some human needs, it can be a certain need (for example when something is a long wait and strive for it), and uncertain (sudden and unexpected), and therefore the state of joy can be quite different. For example, joy can be sincere and grateful or rough and wild or unearthly and fantastic and may be surprised and the hidden and wild and crazy.. etc. happy emotions can arise from various actions or from the presence of the object, subject, or be related to some sort of event at some point in time for example, joy can arise in the process of communication or contemplation or something from the shop or from some knowledge, etc.

typically, the state of joy can be characterized by feelings of inner confidence, and his personal worth, which in turn can give a person a sense of enjoyment in his personal life and open the ability to overcome various difficulties and challenges you meet on life's journey.

a Sense of joy in human life has a huge impact on the success of the person and to those people who surround this person and this may be due to the fact that people tend to have these joyful emotions for example it is always nicer to communicate with people who are glad or who rejoice with you, or joy, which may please you and those emotional needs are the most effective relationships in social groups of people.

and today, I would like you to please test with the new fun flowers. As you know flowers is often a joy and reason to smile is one way to Express your feelings and raise your spirits. look at the pictures of flowers below and select the flower which you become happier and perhaps in the description of this flower, you will learn something new and interesting about yourself

Choose? then read the description below to this flower.

Friends say and how often do you enjoy?

How often do you enjoy?siglacartoneanimataz

Give each other positive emotions and remember that the more you give the more themselves and feel!

Joy to you and spring mood!

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Vitaliy Tereschenko
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