Give yourself love


Very often come to counseling girls who talk about how much it has done for parents, for friends, siblings and loved one, and none of them is "grateful." All for whom efforts are being made, no notice is made, do not want to appreciate and even "thank you" do not say.

And you can each ask one question: and gave myself? For yourself you did? And itself appreciate? Myself, I praise and thank you?

Often, these issues cause confusion or similar phrases: I am not selfish, as some; and why to give yourself? Praise yourself – this is something ugly and unnatural, you need to other is saying, then it's real.

what in the end result in such habits of thinking and beliefs?

quite simply, to the fact that the person is in constant deficit: the deficit of love, praise, attention, etc He is in fault and looking for someone who needs closed. And as soon as it finds one, it becomes dependent on the other person. From that and meet in consultation the phrase: I can't live without him; I'm his heart gave, but he...

Also, you can often find cases where a girl is in a relationship with a man (possibly live together, married or Dating), but she already understands that she doesn't love him. It causes irritation her irritation and at the same time pity. Pity that she unknowingly does everything that he left her. What did he say? And the man doesn't want to end the relationship because he says he loves. And living this lovely girl is not happy, and she put a point in relations plans not as scary. Scared that no one will love, no support, no beautiful words to say no and gift no one will give.

Girls, girls & women, beautiful, kindest, loving and beloved, GIVE YOURSELF FIRST! Only after you give yourself fully with love, care and attention, you can really give it to other people. After all, we can't give others what they themselves do not!

Be loving and loved!

Nina Emelyanova
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