At first glance, we will focus on this topic: "What in the network all at once beautiful and unfair". But not about that. br>
I Went to instagram, and then in the VC. the
And realized I'm such an asshole.
Look at Vit, what kind of life the people.
What all the cool.

How not to feel like an asshole in a world of social networks?
1. To understand what makes people create a wonderful impression about his own person through social networks.
2. To feel what a "hard" way. br>
1. What makes people?
there is much talk about what the serious problem of mankind is depression, loneliness and disunity, have you heard?
About it there are literature, songs, movies, and so on.
I Think the movie took off, wrote a book and everything?
nope, in reality, is all manifested daily. br>
Bomber image in social networks is an attempt to escape from loneliness. br>
Only stupid. From what a person thinks something like this: the more spectacular is his page in the network, the better his life. And in this life there is no place for loneliness and depression. the
More here:

2. Oh, how difficult it is to keep a person in the network. br>
A) Remember some interesting public event.
After all, the juicy moment, as a rule, all without the rest will be imprinted on the camera of smartphones belonging to integramark? Yeah. br>
What about*there are integratory at this point? br>
Life at this moment. br>
After all, if the photo you do not, then you have not been anywhere. And your "friend" at this point, you may receive a lot radosta-colorful photo. br>
No, I do not in any case did not want to say that you're unknowingly competing with the "comrades" on the network. br>
B) photo Requirements increase. In particular selfies. To comply with the requirements of the elite and to gather feedback need to spend more and more time. br>
what this means? br>
To shift activity away from socially useful activities in the service side of the Ego. br>
Imagine that if even in the porn industry a lot of competition. And this is the place where you've seen "unique" human charms.
what competition is yet to come the stars of social networks, specializing in the unsurpassed beauty of their face.
I Have to push. br>
it is Already possible to notice the encroachments of the prudes, to casually show the interesting part of the body in the photo. Everything would be fine. br>
photo Only these are accompanied by "deep" thoughts about life level of the third class, or a presentation of their services at work are no side not connected with casual hints in the photo. br>
Yes, I want to fuck. A heart to heart talk... not really. br>
C) "decision-making Centre" is shifting from the inside out. you
Know what is being done with the photo with small number of likes (compared to others on the user page)?
Remove them. br>
Count, a man can't fully give value to their activities. br>
a product of the activities he is forced to put on display, and then "flies" the decision – the thing you're shivering or have the right. br>
And this type of behavior as metastasis spreads to other spheres of activity. br>
so suddenly it turns out that adult woman or man relegates his Human mission to begging from the experts a Pat on the head. br>

it is a Pity that more of the people previously communicated well, and who are now becoming stars of social media. br>
it is a Pity that narcissistic people can take such forms. br>
In General I'm very positive person. And so should you!
Go gash selfie, purely for themselves. And so should you! br>
the Psychologist Vitaly Dudin

Vitaliy Dudin
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