What is gossip and rumors? What's the difference?
Rumor is false or distorted information about someone or something.
Exchange rumors can wear substantive form or emotionally-colored.
for Example: a ridiculous rumor, aggressive hearing, hearing the desire, rumors, horror stories, etc.
Gossip is false or true information, verified or uncontrollable about someone or something, slander, strife. Simply put gossip is "telephone", which can be transmitted from mouth to mouth.

unlike rumours gossip personalized and have a negative color, negative and defamatory information.

"Gossip is a nine-headed Lernaean Hydra, which instead of one severed head grows two". Agatha Christie

needs of the person spreading the gossip:
  • the desire to be better than the other. For example,
  • to be popular, "aware", to impress;
  • desire to humiliate the other;
  • to raise their credibility;
  • needs to have what someone else has (things, status, etc.).

Example 1: Masha is Yarmarka. Light is jealous of Masha and occasionally in the circle of friends says that Mary has a couple of lovers, which contain it.
Example 2: Sergey at work — energetic, knows his business specialist, constantly improve their skill level. Vladimir — people with unstable self-esteem, as the specialist often experiences doubts, insecurities, although won't admit it. Vladimir periodically gossiping with colleagues, it is deferential to his superiors and what is Sergey paid more premium.
How to respond to gossip?

it All depends on the specific situation.

there are some General rules:
  • do not make excuses;
  • without arguing;
  • do not take revenge and do not answer the same "coin";
  • be offended;
  • do not cheat yourself;
  • to perceive the information with pride and a smile.

Example 1:

You walk into your office and hear loud conversations about You.

Ask jokingly with a smile on his face: "is it me you discuss?"

Example 2:

You come To the informer and said that about You a kind of person who gossips or bad comments.

Ask a question: "what is your goal (you) telling me this?"

after Hearing him reply, react: "Thank you. I'll see what I can do with this information!"

it is Important to remember! In such a situation, it makes no sense to stoop to the level of gossip and go to sort things out. The more that the informer can invent or embellish the situation.

according to Oscar Wilde, a much worse and nastier, if you do not say.

My favorite metaphor I use in my practice life and practice of working with clients: "If they say about me means I live!"

Dear readers, thank you for your attention, feedback and Your opinion on the topic!
All I wish of self-worth, love and joy!

Maltseva Irina
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