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some way to describe the state of a person with generalized anxiety disorder. He wakes up and immediately realizes that "something is not right." What is often unknown, the "X" even after a long talk with a psychologist. Pills such anxiety can drown, but only temporarily and with the "effects" in the form of terrible drowsiness in the middle of work.. So what to do?

alarming there are a variety of coping strategies: to get into the phone and switch attention to the news, to eat, to turn on the TV, talk to someone from the environment.. But if all these activities capture only a part of attention, anxiety, as an undercurrent, as the background still remains and sometimes even escalates. Exacerbated if the content on the Internet "falls" in unfulfilled desire, a dream, and a conversation with another person is negative. Thus, the external methods to silence the alarm does not always bring relief.

Here I will give a few types of "ambulance" for people in a state of anxiety.

1. Breath. Start with a sharp exhalations nose, not thinking about the breaths. Exhalations loud and intense. Do what you can, then relax, restore breathing. Then go to the "square breathing" when inhale – pause – exhale – pause are all on 4 accounts. To start breathe so four minutes... then Return to normal breathing mode. How does it feel? This last technique really saved a life when a person has experienced acute physical pain as a heart attack. Concentration on square breathing, calmed his mind, and, as a result, pain was perceived easier, and then subsided.

2. The rhythmic movements. Someone in my childhood was rocked in the cradle, someone at hand.. In any case, somewhere deep in the subcortex rhythmic swaying of the body connected with the peace and sense of security. When you are experiencing anxiety, you can get up and start to wobble on his feet, or synchronously and relaxed to talk together with the movement of the torso. If you are sitting, gently jiggle (it can even be micro movements that are not visible to other people) back and forth, from side to side. The process of rocking soothes.

3. Running and not only. did you Know that anxiety can literally run away? When you run, your body and breath come into synchronism, the thoughts in my head slowly subside, the emotional state is aligned. You can run in place if bike paths and Park nearby. Try to keep body relaxed and soft, sometimes take noisy breaths – fold excess voltage. Copes with anxiety and swimming. Another option is to stretch. Muscle pain is more intense than anxiety, so one replaces another. One of my friends successfully got rid of the anxiety of trying to do the splits. The benefit of this was twofold.

4. To make his fortune. Method for those who are not interested to "eat and drink" anxiety, and want to develop their awareness. In a situation when time is short, and is in a serious condition, we can say Nakata wave of anxiety these words: "I acknowledge and accept you and give you the best spot and space in itself." So you stop fighting with the emotion, which in itself takes the edge off the experience. You can also think of inviting trouble for tea, sit her at the table, as my dear guest.. you wonder how You can help it.

5. To find the idea. About the anxiety it is possible to write in the diary, starting a line with the words "I worry because..." allow yourself to be vulnerable, open and honest with yourself. Write whatever comes to mind. As a rule, a disturbing thought occurs rather quickly on paper. We just drove her away, and she – that is, exists. People with anxious personality disorder since childhood, experiencing a sense of inferiority, they are extremely sensitive to what others think about them. Fear of external evaluation is often a matter of concern.

6. Three layers of awareness. decide to replace the thoughts on real feelings. Ask yourself three questions: "What do I see?", "What do I feel?" and "What am I feeling?". The answer should be not words, but your participation in the process. Look around the space around, pay attention to details, color, and shape of objects. Perhaps you never did, and suddenly for the first time considered pattern on the curtain. Close your eyes and listen to the body: where and what is happening there, to jog him with the inner eye, stay in that feeling. And finally, pay attention to your feelings. By the time you get there, the trouble is, most likely, will cease.

a lot of Techniques, it is important to find and wear always in the pocket like a magic wand. If you feel that anxiety is so strong that you are not able to cope with it – is a clear reason to go to a therapist. Make sure that in addition to anticraving tablets you will be prescribed also and sessions with a psychologist. From my experience, it's fun and fast enough could work cognitive-behavioral and body-oriented therapy.

Fedoskina Irina
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