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His first thoughts in the New year starts, I have, at first glance, with the usual topics. I decided to reflect on friendship and friends. As often with those closest and good people, with whom under different circumstances fate brought by first glance. No meeting is going on here, by chance. Friendship of people is based on deeper things than just common interests, views, and situations. In certain moments we let into our lives people closer than others. Sometimes there are incorrect assessment of the importance of people, but these people do not affect our frustrations. We are giving people, situations different qualities and characteristics. Yes, sometimes things happen that don't match our expectations with reality. That is why sadness and sorrow is part of our life. But now thoughts of people who are very important and valuable for us first and foremost. Modern trends and fast-changing situations close and important people can be far away. But not in the sense of distance, but in terms of frequency of meetings. How often do you meet with your friends? How often to communicate, in principle, on different messengers? But the people who appeared in our lives are very valuable and helpful to us, to our successes and disappointments. Friends - real -, I can feel the us, as well as we do, in fact, have the same intuition to our friends. How often do you Express gratitude to your friends? And what are you grateful?
Over the past year many things and events happen in my life. This is all new to me, but very beautiful and valuable. The awareness of gratitude to the people, situations, outcomes. Thanks friends - has colossal power and potential for our personal results. And these results not only in friendship to us, but also achievements in the professional field in communicating with others, even strangers.
I extend my appreciation and gratitude to my friends and friends. Thanks to You I have such as it is, thanks to You my inner potential has the opportunity to develop. Know that these words are read...the man, at least one, who expressed his thoughts aloud, appreciation and gratitude.
these thoughts the initial steps in this Express gratitude... because these actions have strong energy in our the universe each of us....

Sitnikova Olga
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