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Amazing yet I have a profession. On the one hand I'm in my office waiting and meet people who have something not as they would like. Mood, status, relations, elections, plans, results...

on the other hand, when I'll part with them after some of the sessions, not every time, no, something man entered the room, changing. No, not by magic, but through difficult experiences, and difficult stories, strange experiments. But it is changing. 

Then I've been waiting for those who understand how to change in this study the response to the event, relationship to the incident or person. And this is not to say that they have "something wrong". All the way. Just a man, a customer, wants to carefully see and understand exactly how "so". 

One of the most amazing moments - when story about something, a person speak in detail about all the participants in the events. That said, what did, how you reacted. And he doesn't say anything about yourself. And a simple question "what?" remains unanswered. Because the man recalls in detail what he thought and what he was doing and what were the consequences, but does not remember or is not able, or dares, to remember what I felt. 

And to repeat my question, "And as you all what is happening?" stopping "What you want to know? I don't understand". "What did you feel when it all happened? You liked the happening or not?" the Speech becomes slower, or the person is silent. And after some time, may not be in one, five, even ten meetings, and later finds the words.

"I was afraid", "I feel sick - so disgusting it was to obey", "hurt So much inside, breathing hard." And not only that.

And I am present until the person again begins to breathe untill banned once tears as the anguish literally Shusha throat, tired and retreat.

It's not an easy time when they meet with you. Sometimes so long ago with this person, me, did not communicate that such a meeting will be scarier than communicating with a stranger.

Because you have to see his vulnerability. To cancel your eternal criticism, at least for a while. Assume that you live and feel. Make sure you can withstand your own true feelings. First, in the presence of a psychologist. It is difficult to enter in a portable condition, grief or despair, or rage. To be in it so much that the condition is beginning to change. Psychologist near, the one which you already trust, insures that you will not be at the depth of hard feelings and will be able to get out of it. And you come to find that's alive. That is not collapsed from the force of what was experienced. 

And the man in front of me becomes slightly more alive than when I came in. Out of loneliness, in which he was forced to live hard, to restrain themselves for the sake of yourself or others. A little more lively - attentive, as if the body is unfrozen thoughts freely.

For those moments of presence at the return of man to himself - I am grateful to my profession. 

Let not every meeting is like this. Though not all are the way to trust a psychologist, that is me, and leave early. Let some come not then to be alive, and that was a little easier to live not live.

But still, the chance that during the work people will be able to not be alone in hard events, memories or expectations, will be able to rely and build in their own, again or for the first time evaluated life is to work as a psychologist in the future.

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