Grief at work... because I'm "responsible"


this week held a series of trainings for teachers on the prevention of burnout. Here are some observations.

the analysis of tests on emotional burnout (took Boyko), the results were, well, just wonderful. As one, mentally healthy, have a low (or even zero) level of burnout, I love my job and I feel great, I love the staff and superiors))).

Well, then, conversation, and exercises when all relax a little, losing control came in recognition. Someone is not happy with the system, workload is very big, but it's not the case, then on Saturday will be called to clean the snow, kindergarten to clean up ("and this happens??!!" - ask naive I am – "I regularly my something", answer). Salary – the tears of a building, where to find teen clubs, all the old and miserable (municipal, city budget is not up to them, children, they're not complaining)...... Well, the most important holiday of the New year, it is generally a headache, you need to hold the tree in all administrations, at each urban site... listen and wonder.

Go ahead in the training program. Looking for ways of self-care and recuperation. And you, the resistance is incredible.

"How is home work not to take?... no, I can't, it's my responsibility."

"to Refuse work that is not part of my duties? What do you mean, it's impossible, the authorities said..."

"Praise yourself? If I were to praise myself, that's strange, I then work will stop when I scold myself, then I try to work better." and so on and so on and so forth.

I was sad and I started thinking about why people, in this case teachers, receiving such low wages, dragging on itself a bunch of responsibilities and obligations, which are generally not included in their work and not imposed legally, for fear of the authorities, as a punishment of heaven yet and don't want to admit that they need the praise, at least internal.

They broadcast so strongly that they are ready to deny ourselves in everything - on vacation, the right to a personal opinion, the right to say "no".... For what? With a single purpose, I think, TO be PRAISED. I guess such people think that there is no other way to prove to others, and perhaps yourself, that you are VALUABLE.

They are not available understanding that the amount of work performed (sometimes ridiculous and not needed) does not affect the opinion of the authorities about the identity itself and the professionalism of a particular teacher. Most likely, in the eyes of the head, it's just a convenient victim. No wonder they say: "Who carries on that and go." The victim is always afraid of being fired, he loses his job and it will collapse... I guess no one like "they shoot horses" have not thought about how to define their personal boundaries, even to himself. "I'm here like a historian work? Or not? It is unlikely I will be fired among the school year and the subject I love and teach well, why actually get fired?" (well, something like that, in my opinion , should come to mind). And it turns out in the movie "Office romance" "You seem to work in accounting?", - "In seems...".

what do you think, what else motivates such people who are willing to "burn" at work, for whom or what purpose they do it?

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