Than you're willing to pay for their happiness?

so, let's say that you have the ultimate goal will be to gain health. Most likely, you previously had set myself such a goal. Maybe you were going to run in the mornings or going to the gym, pour cold water, tried to go to bed early for a good sleep and stop to eat at night. And all these actions were really a solution to your problem and meet your needs.

But passed some time, and all your efforts to achieve the goal was jettisoned. Suddenly, you realize that you "forgot" to set the alarm and run did not take place. Or was that today the generally unsuitable weather for sports and walks on the street. Or gave you a piece of lovely cake, and you decide that once you can afford and allow.

Such temptations – sea, and our pathological part of the personality, the task of which is to maintain our disease says, "Yes, you throw all this nonsense out of my head, all this nonsense! You only live once! Enjoy life right now!" And here just it's hard not to agree: from false beliefs should be abandoned, and in fact, it's good to enjoy every moment.

This kind of regression in behavior stems from the fact that the demand, though it is not a force that could be a powerful opposition force inherent in the disease. We are talking about sufficient motivation for further changes and consolidation.

This motivation is never unilateral, it is always associated with some deprivation. If I decided every day to do physical exercise, then you need to understand that you have:

- to spend time;

- making them in a bad mood;

- doing it in a poor state of health;

- give up for them from the other, more attractive alternatives in the given time, etc.

in order to find out are you ready to sacrifice something for the sake of the reward, you must complete the following table: (the Square of Descartes).

What will happen if this happens (goal destinata) A+B+

What will happen if it is not


it will not, unless A-B-

That will not, if


Now you can say, are you ready to follow your solution, despite the fact that you will have to pay for it. Plays a role, not certain of the consequences, and their specific weight. One, but very meaningful for you, the consequence may outweigh all the rest.

This table shows what needs to sacrifice people in the name of salvation. If there is no victim – there will be retribution. The victim needs to be meaningful to humans. If it is not important, it doesn't reward.

the Shaman calls the spirit responsible for the illness of the patient and asks what he'd like to get from this patient instead of the disease. What the spirit said, "Let them decide". The patient answers that will give him my cauldron. But the spirit refused because he knew that he had five cauldrons. When the patient asked him his last deer, the spirit agreed to accept the sacrifice, and the patient was cured of his illness.

Together with Julia Vasyukova

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