the USER TO SEARCH for the MEANING of the Situation . (can be yourself, you can with a psychologist, it is better to register)

the Steps that can help if the meaning of the situation for me is not clear.
1. Step one. To review the situation to see contained within it the possibility. (The original questions.)
- What is currently my life situation?
- what is it?
- What is needed now?
- What should I do?
- What exactly can I do?
- What possibilities I have?
- is There in this moment something beautiful, unique? (Value the experience.)
- Can I create something of value or influence that it appeared to do the job, to do something, to create a work? (Creative values.)
- What are my personal attitudes towards those circumstances that you cannot change? (Value of personal attitudes.) br>
2.Step two. Emotionally weigh each of the possibilities to feel its importance in my life. (Questions about the emotional significance.)
- how I feel when I think about the possibility?
- How would I feel if I do this?
- How would I feel if I don't do this?
- How will I feel after some time (a day, week, month...), if I do this,
- How will I feel after some time (a day, week, month...), if I don't do this?
3. Step three. Choose the best one for me in the circumstances, the opportunity. (Questions about freedom.)
- What honestly would be the right thing to do in this situation?
- How would I treat myself if I didn't do this? (Who I'm going to look in his own eyes?)
- is this my decision or me to him someone or something is forcing?
Voluntarily if I make this choice? Can I say: "I want this"? br>
4.Step four. To consider how best to implement my decision, to understand what will change in my life (and the world at large), if the decision is implemented. (Questions of responsibility.)
-What could prevent me to implement this feature?
- do I Have to do this now?
- As, by what means, in what way can I do this better?
- Will this course of action to fit me?
- Why would I do that?
- For what (for whom) I want to do this?
- How will this affect my life and the lives of others?
(taken from the Alfred Laengle "life, napolina sense."

Tatiana Zaboeva
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