With the birth of a child you first meet with a quivering sense of unconditional love for her child. Agree? ❤this

But you also meet a burden of responsibility. Sometimes you are so greatly immersed in parental responsibility, I'm afraid not cope, at some point you are overcome with guilt.

You start to build a relationship with the world, based on unconscious guilt. From this state you communicate with family, friends, husband, child. And all the time feel guilty. Do you get it?

the guilt is playing a bad joke: you raise a child from the guilty and all the time something every mom. Wine takes you away from the child and the parent blocks happiness.

I Want to share tips on how to cope with the guilt.

first, it is important to know that there are two types of parental guilt.

1️⃣ Real wine.
2️⃣ Neurotic wine.

Let's deal.

1️⃣ Real fault is when you, for example, yelled at the child and feel guilty.

There are four ways to deal with it:

✅ to Take responsibility, to say: "Yes, I'm guilty, I'm sorry."

✅ Make the damage and eliminate it.
for Example, broke it, bought a new one.

✅ Redemption.
This method will help, in a situation when it is impossible to repair the damage.
Example: to transfer money to charity, to go to Church and stuff.

✅Take in the experience.
Accept the situation, accept your imperfection and be grateful for the experience.

2️⃣ Neurotic wine.
Way to test this guilt - ask for forgiveness. Most often when this type of guilt to ask for forgiveness, not anyone or anything.

This is a very hard experience of the wine.

Ways to help yourself:

✅ to Divide the area of responsibility.
an Honest answer for which you are responsible, and for no.

✅ to Abandon the desire to please everyone.

✅ to Learn to replenish their resources, to be able to cope with fatigue, stress and tension.

have this Final and important recommendation: in difficult situations to seek assistance from a specialist.

💜Remember, child, it is important that you be imperfect! He needs a living mother, experiencing different feelings.

If it was helpful ❤ this and be sure to share with your friends.

You are the most beautiful woman on Earth! You Are The Mom! Hug. ❤I ❤this ❤on!!!

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