This article is based on personal experience of working with parents of "special children."

I think that every parent "osobine" faced with the guilt.
This feeling occurs unconsciously, but when I want to the child was as all and yet society imposes its own stereotypes to deal with it is difficult.

Perhaps many parents have already gone through this feeling and have learned to accept and understand that their lives are not like everyone else.. and that's a gift, but what about those who feel guilt whenever strangers said, "You must be hard"? "We would never have been able to raise a child.
There arises different range of feelings and emotions.

First and foremost, to admit guilt, maybe even give it a name. To acknowledge him means to give him the opportunity to live and find a way out for him. Until You deny this feeling and do not acknowledge it, it's bad for You.

the Second step is to write a list of what You are experiencing guilt in relation to their special child.
It may be different thoughts, but they are Yours. Write them and confess, take a look at this list and try to separate the thoughts, and where thoughts of your neighbors, friends, relatives, etc.

the Next step, think about what protection You give Your Guilt. Very often, the Wine acts as a protection.. You are not allowed to go through something important and real.

And then go back to the point to admit guilt, live guilt! Weep, cry, porugatsya.
Recognizing and living the guilt, You're doing Important work for themselves.
You allow the fault to go away and very often it turns out that your fault is a projection of other people on You!

Faced in their work with the experiences of parents of "special children," I see how much they have a feeling of guilt.

For something that is not immediately found out about the diagnosis, that is not a good time, find a doctor, teachers, etc. Sometimes I think parents make a lot, but I still think that we should do more. Again shows guilt.

How to cope, what to do with guilt for the "special child"? I invite you to individual counseling, to work through the feelings of guilt and acceptance of my "special child"

With respect and care for You, the Creator of the project about the support of "parents of special children".

Kutuzov Xenia
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