Continue to understand the maps of Swedenborg.

work on the subject of Finance, the client came out 4 cards motion the energy of money, in reality it is very quickly spent, can not accumulate.

On the question, "What can detain this movement?", card came 10 Gun. According to my Association it is recommended to protect what you have, to arrange protection to some extent still learn to store, to hoard their money.

At the same time I got the idea, the problem, and whether one energy protection to withstand 4 energy flow of traffic? Will not collapse if they at one point, and won't come down all that has been accumulated? This is the danger of destruction.

Come to the Association that are not just here to guard, it is necessary to find additional means of protection... Especially to perform if there's any weak spots through which the "hole" funneling money and "plug" these gaps... tight... even if it seems that you really need... a Gun says you don't really need and "fires back".

the Gun depicted on the map nowadays is more like "Tsar Cannon", which, according to legend, never fired.

does the appearance of this card Board is to put the kernel without consuming them?

Question: "What can detain this movement?" - Answer: "to Understand what have an Arsenal of unspent funds is much nicer than firing from a gun on sparrows". Most likely, if Client ask to show what the money spent, it can not show anything.

on the other hand one Gun is difficult to understand what to shoot. There has to be a very convincing argument for spending.

Not to shoot. To score the barrel to the charges, its resources that is, not to spend in vain. Do not shoot from a gun on sparrows. Or to shoot from all proposals, to pull the money.

Similar to the "We are peaceful people, but our armored train is on the siding"....

once on one of the trainings on the topic of how to spend wisely, for this case was given this advice: put in a purse piece of paper on which is written one word WHY! Such a resounding argument! Like a shot.

Colleagues, prompt, what else can you think of Association for the protection of this map?!!

I would be glad if my thoughts will be useful.

And thank you for liking "Thank you", they are of great importance to me.

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