Endorphins! My name definitely heard every one of you. I'm fourth happy hormone, giving you a feeling of euphoria. My main source of physical pain. I created a mask it. For example, helping an injured animal moaning in pain, and to escape from predators.

Heard anything about when the "euphoria of the runner"? This is a condition similar to intoxication arising during long physical activity. As a result of athletes increases resistance to pain and fatigue.
This phenomenon shows the fact that I stand out, when a person overcomes their capabilities. Of course, this is not the best way to conduct every day, I needed in order to avoid pain, not to create them. Therefore, it is better not to abuse me. Any athlete, when excessive loads are depletion occurs, because I mask the pain for a short time. From the point of view of survival, people must hear the pain and the time to give yourself a break.

Heroin, morphine, oxycodone, codeine effect on sensations through the same receptors that perceive the natural endorphins and give one a similar feeling of euphoria. And, unfortunately, they have terrible side effects(disrupt production of natural hormones of joy, mask the pain, reducing the instinct of self-preservation, in the long run increase the production of stress hormones, lead to the degradation of the psyche). This leads to the idea that our compensation system should not be abused. It rewards for something and for something, but the blind pursuit of relaxation and the buzz of nearly 100 percent of the cases, the path to degradation.

in addition to exercise, my selection as launch: sincere laughter and crying, surprisingly, and fasting(during the hard times I gave you the strength to look for food).

What to do to highlight more of me, not harming your body?

Observe, look, what makes you laugh, and don't skimp on it. Make time for Comedy, transfer, videos on YouTube

do Not hold back a desire to cry, notice the tension in your chest, back, diaphragm and throat and let that tension will manifest. Your rational mind can distract from that, but muscles still involuntarily tense. Polakov, you will reduce the amount of stress hormones and release endorphins.

Start a physical activity that uses different muscle groups. Continually add new exercises, little by little increase the load.

the Article is written with L. G., Breuning "happy Hormones"

Tatiana Tulupova
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