Harm. I'm afraid of myself.



I'm afraid of myself.


⠀⠀many this word conjures cuts in adolescence. Actually, the problem is much broader and deeper. This kind of internal aggression to ourselves is found in adults. Usually, it is a symptom of some deep inner problem, but not the root cause. 

⠀⠀To-harm include: conscious-inflicted scratches, burns, bruises and other damage to your body. Also, there are unconscious manifestations: excessive dangerous hobby, aggressive driving, frequent fractures, “bust” with drugs, drugs, casual sex and so on. 

⠀⠀Causing yourself physical harm – it's a habit that is not associated with suicide but may lead to death. 

⠀⠀It is a way to cope with anxiety and guilt. Causing themselves physical pain, the man “punishing” itself. At this time, depart, other strong emotions, obsessions, thoughts. Attention like, “switch”, internal pain is dulled, returning of human reality. the Consequences may be: infection, shock, bleeding, deep scars, and the aggravation of the psychological state.

⠀⠀the Underlying reasons for this can be many, every person is unique. Assume that the root is intrapersonal conflict, suffering and a strong feeling of guilt that always gives the need for self-punishment. Hence, the complexity of this process.

What to do if the topic is familiar to You?

1. To cease to confess and realize that you need to seek help. People do it not because of the “bad” or “stubborn”. This process is generally difficult to control. Usually, in order to understand themselves and to learn to act differently, you need third-party assistance.

2. If You have a loved one that you can trust share with him your feelings.Clear out anything that leads You to failure.

3. Hide or get rid of what cuts are applied.

4. You set yourself the task to keep track of your feelings, and when the need arises to hurt yourself - immediately seek the support of loved ones.


If this is not possible - you can try to reflect their feelings on paper in the form of drawings.

 Another option - replacing behavior. For example:

    - cutting itself, and the paper, vegetables, to tear the fabric.
    - worn on the arm the rubber band or bracelet that you can twist, instead of hurting yourself.
    - draw a marker band where is usually applied cuts. When you're finished, count the stripes. That's how much scarring you will have.

5. Do not rush to make a cut, or scratch. Set it aside for some time. Gradually increase this time period. At this moment, think about what You don't deserve pain. Repeat this phrase, even if you don't believe it.⠀

6. Avoid that reinforces the desire to harm yourself. It may be the termination of communication with people who can “inspire”, the constraint of visiting some sites and places.

7. Form “container self-help”. This is a very special capacity. It will store the items that help to cope with their own emotions.

Perhaps it is: book, journal, notebook or drawing materials, music, and so on. When there is internal conflict, you can always turn to this box and choose the option that will help in the here and now.

8. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Often, there is a need to consult a psychiatrist, as almost all the States in which there is autoaggression requires medical treatment. 

in Parallel, it is important to work with a psychologist. This will allow You to investigate the causes and to learn to deal with samarasosexy behavior, understand their emotions and Express them in a safe way.


Remember that you can always choose not to harm yourself. 

Believe in yourself.

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