Man is the battery. According to the laws of Biophysics, the top should be charge plus, bottom minus. But sometimes, negative emotions, stressful situation or someone's curse to have such a strong effect on the body that he "perepolyusovka". "It can affect health, and the fate," warns bioenergoinformation Eduard Gulyaev.

In psychology, too, have polarity and they look slightly different.

what you had to face in life, what you're suffering?

what are afraid of losing their "soul mate"?

you May "luck into spineless" or "despots".

maybe "habalki and some bitches around?"

What trait do you most dislike in people?

What line you do not accept, and certainly not want to be and never will be.

maybe there are people who you envy and admire, I've always wanted, but due to some circumstances not able to be. And suffer from what you are? What is it in them?

once you honestly answer yourself to these questions, I hasten to please you.

a World of duality. Day-night, good-bad, flexibility-perseverance (the rest is in the dictionary of antonyms).

Polarity is present in all. And this is development.

And as you probably guessed, those qualities that you see in people, both good and bad, they are all in you.

Sometimes people are not aware of a single quality, but is well aware of the existence of the other. And one that is not aware of, projecting on other people.

Yes, and that courage, fortitude, resilience to life's hardships and determination that delights you in the partner you are afraid to miss, is in you.

Or the hated softness and weakness in the person you want is simply to kill for it, too.

How is this happening?

for Example, a person is not aware of the existence of aggression, but understands that he is good. And when experiencing aggression, feel guilt and shame. This displaces the aggression, attributing it to others. Attracts these people and sees them it is terrible quality. He does it certainly not because it is a radish.

Polarity neosoznavaemye.That's the problem. Everything else, this situation leads to increased anxiety and psychosomatics.

Here is a trap. When an animal enters the trap, it bite off a limb to escape.

What makes a man? Also "bite off" part of his personality, not welcomed.

the society, parents in childhood itself. And also getting wounded, maimed. Sick, tormented.

Reverse side of the coin. Sick love. Pulls terribly to the man. Formed dependence.He's so amazing, without him I will die, disappear, be miserable.

All of what you admire, is in you, it really is. After all, the world of duality. And inner world too)))

Christina Sundukova
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