Have you found joy in life


Morgan Freeman (Carter) in the film "not Yet played in a box" says to Jack Nicholson (Edward):

"the Ancient Egyptians believed that the gates of heaven asking 2 things:

1) did you joy life?

2) has your life brought joy other?

About joy mentioned in the Bible 22 times. Here are some of the phrases:

PS 96:12 ...Glad, righteous, in the Lord.

IP 66:10 ...and glad about it, all loving it!..

Joel 2:23 ...And you, children of Zion, glad and rejoice in the Lord your God;..

Matt 5:12 ...Glad and have fun..

And here are just a few quotations of great people on joy.

R. Tagore: “We know people not by what he knows but by what he enjoys.”

Lucrezia: “the Spirit is strong happy.”

Azad: “If you learned the art of joy every moment, you have learned a lot.”

L. N. Tolstoy: “one Must always be happy. If joy ends, look, what a mistake.”

I Hope I have convinced You that the joy is something important in life, something that exists within each person (because somewhere each of us is familiar with the feeling of joy), and this is a condition worth striving for.

In my understanding, a sense of joy – is our guide in life. And, accordingly, the greater the joy in our lives – the closer we are to yourself, the true nature of God, purpose, the plan of the Universe. And the less joy in life – the farther we went away from your way or even getting lost.

"How can we get lost?", - You will ask. Because the source of Light and Wisdom, and the joy within us.

I Have no answer to this question. But, apparently, that's the idea of the Universe, so we opened the Light found its way, in the system, the joy in life. "You must be born again". (Jn. 3:7). Probably talking about the awakening to conscious life.

So how do you find joy in your life?

To begin to realize that You don't feel joy in life (read, not see her) and want her to find.

"where is she hiding this joy?" And here, perhaps, the simplest and the most difficult to realize. The joy you cannot hide. Life's not bad and not good, it is neutral, it's just there is a living vibrating energy of the moment. And we give it an emotional charge, positive or negative. We ourselves see black or white, light or darkness, sadness or joy, one and indivisible divide the world into two polar parts (walking about the trails, see the world through a clouded glass, through the veil of fear, distorted perceptions, resentment, wander to the past or fly into the future). Everyone has their own history and their own quest.

Can I, as a psychologist, to help You find the joy?

I Personally, as a specialist, I see my mission is to help people to feel more happy and joyful. Not to be happy and to experience suffering, pain, anxiety, in other words, to feel bad, and You know how.

is it Possible to give at least some direction where to look for joy?

I'm very pleased to remind you about these matters. Now there was something like a "fashionable" issue for centuries existed the wisdom of his own. I'm relying on truths and the reflection of these words from me.

  • to Thank for this. Thessalonians 5:18. In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus.

the Feeling of gratitude is a great art and simplicity at the same time. This ability to stay in the moment "Here and now" notice and focus on the positive aspects of your life, to appreciate them, to understand phenomena in their relationship.

Try to start your day with sincere gratitude (for having a roof over your head, that You're awake, that You have something to eat, have somewhere to go that there are desires that autumn is so warm, and the list goes on) and You will notice how the joy in life with each passing day it becomes more and more.

  • to Happen from time to time in the state of the child. Matthew 18:3. And said, truly I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of heaven.

And here, too, it's about simplicity, about sincerity, about the ability to look at the world with wide open eyes, without distorting filters, with confidence and expectation of goodness, dreams and confidence that dreams will come true.

do You Remember your childhood dreams? And baby joy? What was it? Maybe lying on the grass and contemplation of the blue sky? Inflating bubbles? And, maybe, whirling hands with a friend until you drop?

You probably remember many moments from childhood when You were good. Remember? How do You feel? A sound like something is vibrating inside. What action brought You such joy? And how long have You been doing this?

  • Explore your inner world, self-development, knowledge of yourself, not a condemnation of one's neighbor. MT.7:3. And what do you see the speck in your brother's eye, but the beam in your own eye?... the middle sin is likened bitch, and condemnation of the log. So hard for a conviction, transcends every sin (PRP. Abba Dorotheus, 29, 80). Condemnation is born from complacency and complacency feeds. Both shows that the self is alive and fat... you Manage to Deplete them all (SWT. Theophanes, Shut. Vishensky, 82, 11).

this paragraph is hidden a lot of things and probably the most difficult amenable to understanding. It's about pride, about the huge Ego that shrouded the essence of phenomena and not giving to understand that the external world is a projection of the inner world, and that we are reaping what we have sown (consciously if not consciously). Hence the task to realize what we have sown, if what rose we don't like.

what would You answered, if right now You asked:

Found (found) do you joy in life?

Larisa Artamonova
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