the Present article deals with panic attacks (PA). Over the years of practice has accumulated experience and, therefore, the possibility of a wider perspective on the personality characteristics of these patients, their peculiar perception of the world, in relationships with people that they build. Because of this disease not everyone will tell. I think You understand me.
   Panic attack (PA) – it is always painful unexplained a panic attack or severe anxiety in combination with various vegetative (somatic) symptoms, until the fear to die or go crazy. More about this when I wrote an article on his website
  For me, as a clinical psychologist - psychotherapist, PA – daily systematic and careful work allows you to see the various nuances of this anxiety, to perform the essence of what she wants to talk and also help the person to recover. I am very close and clear the world of these people, their soul, their aspirations, challenges and dreams.
 PA and perception of the world.
  From the first meetings in front of the therapist gradually exposed some sort of childish perception of reality. I have always a feeling that they were not born at the time. They have lofty ideals and ideas about how things should be arranged, what is important and what is not; what is permissible and what is not. I often listen to, empathize with and even admire. For example, the fact that people should be more careful and gentle, or more kind and sincere. Revealing, they mistakenly believe that if they themselves inside are clean and bright, the world around should be the same. It is not surprising that, faced with the reality of not seeing the desired notions of justice, they are very hurt and disappointed in her excruciating powerlessness and learned helplessness. And, of course, they don't understand that PA occurs as a strain relief, ie, because of such views on life their stress accumulates and is not able to lead. the
  Another feature of their worldview is their suspiciousness, indecision and constant doubt: and suddenly will not work, and suddenly can't. And this is a consequence of conflicting rigid positions, formed in childhood-as it should be, and how not; what is possible and what is not. They do not know themselves and do not understand their own desires that are guided by the stereotypes adopted in the family or among other people. They are unaware that imposed in the family stereotypes do not work in the modern world. Grown over refined, these people are hypersensitive and not ready for some unexpected turns of events and stressful situations. They are easily lost, they feel bad about themselves, feel helpless and unable to live in the modern world. Or you found out yourself that, and what is your worldview?

PA. Features of the person.
Here I want to focus on personality types predisposed to PA. br>1)Psihastenii.
   For these people are characterized by indecision, agonizing doubt, difficulty making decisions and a great number of fears. Such features often begin to manifest during adolescence and in varying degrees, have their entire lives. Another important feature of their personality, which predisposes to PA – is that failures tend to blame ourselves, “off” the role of the other in this situation. They can easily manipulate, to deceive, to induce in them an endless stream of guilt, but they do not notice the manipulation, believing that something is wrong with them. Even if later you begin to realize something, don't know how to set healthy boundaries, to refuse and to say “no”. They do not aspire to leadership, so they often look quiet and modest, not ambitious, which allows others to use them. They uncommunicative in an unfamiliar environment, often it is difficult for them first to join in the conversation. They are very responsible in the work (a great resource for psychotherapy). I.e. these features predispose to PA, but these features help them in psychotherapy to analyze their worldview, patterns of behavior, responsibility to do the homework, it helps to be in contact with the therapist. Although they are slow to change, but patient and Mature, which leads to good results. the
 2) Demonstrative.
  unlike psychasthenias, it's the other extreme: bright, determined, ambitious, aspiring to leadership, to attract attention and dreams always be the center of this attention. This is a very interesting personality that is not boring). They easily charm: liveliness of mind, grace, with them very interesting manner of presentation, jokes-jokes, but over time due to their moodiness and incontinence colleagues lose interest in them, they begin to cause irritation. That is in fact them for a short time manages to attract the attention and fascinate, but over time other people start to see them as much tongue-in-cheek, revealed a lack of consistency, determination, perseverance and self-discipline, because they want everything at once. Now imagine the state of these abandoned people? As it is unbearable. For example, in the hysterical personality disorder, lack of focus – like death!       the Nature of the PA here is a bit different. Due to a marked shortage of attention in the team, and more often among close friends, after a few second halves are ready to feats, for example, to live under one roof like a volcano because of the constant instability (unless the psychopaths or dependent, but this is a separate issue; as some write) they have increased internal tension and there are PA, as a method of strain relief and attract attention. PA always the helper, the rescuer, and the stabilizer of tension within the individual, and the ‘ustranimy” relationship in the family. However, here such a high price health, nerves and pain. the
 PA. Relationships with people.
   Regardless of personality traits, patients with FA are prone to codependent relationships, i.e. to the fact no matter how it relates to the environment. Them so it is important that, for example, demonstrative, not having the money ready to get into the loan,  but to go to expensive tour below in all its glory to show themselves in instagram.  Or recklessly borrow in order to buy another coat. They are most attracted to secular life ( as possible), access to the people, parties, companies and parties. They really want to be good mothers and wives, but home is doing the snatches. They try hard but are not always able to do this systematically and quickly leave. the
   Psihastenii are ready to take an inordinate amount of work to be good in the eyes of the boss, mom or spouse. In instagram, they tend to follow bright, rich and interesting lives of others, to suffer and complain that their life is not like that. They are living stereotypes, that it is so necessary to live, but hardly go in a different way. In everyday life, they are meticulous to detail and often put myself into creativity, something to embroider and do cooking, scrapbooking,  make crafts. Such monotonous activity calms them and reduces anxiety. In addition, through their art they try to earn their good graces in instagram. In relations with children, they diligently fulfill all the recommendations of experts in terms of health or education, meticulous order and cleanliness. They tend to take on many commitments, to be tired, but to take an inferior position with family, colleagues  to your superiors. They are afraid to put down boundaries, to offend anyone.

   it Happens that the person has those other traits, but if  it's a neurosis, it must be the leading conflict: either hysterical or psihasteniceskie type.

   If the mixing is minimal,the psychasthenic need to do a little hysterical - to teach to understand, to Express and defend their desire to build healthy boundaries.   Demonstrative, on the contrary, to comply with the Golden mean, to teach people not to need the attention of others, and to be able to solve their problems. And of course the others, to find harmony within yourself and recover from the PA, you need to disassemble contradictory relationship with the world, other people and yourself.

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