Bathymetry TRANS, alignment, energy, inclusion of internal mechanisms of recovery.


  • What is bioenergy?
  • Why curved aura?
  • Why energy leveling?
  • How is the session?
  • is there a way to restore energy balance?

What is bioenergy?

It is life energy that we derive from space and live it.
It is the cosmic energy goes to walk, to think, to speak, etc.
the Energy obtained from food is only for construction materials to upgrade the cells in the body and maintain body temperature. But even for the processing of food need more energy. That's why we strongly obessive after a hearty lunch.
Cosmic energy we receive in dreams and during meditation.
It is distributed through special channels, is regulated by the chakras. In good condition gives a visible glow, the shape of a large egg - aura. We are all connected to each other and the cosmos, that is why can influence the state of energy of each other.

Why curved aura?

power of a person shows his mental state. the
Damaged relationships contribute to mental and inflicted significant damage to the energy sector, distorting aura. The purposeful curse strikes aura and can form a deadly hole-drafts. br>
Why to align your energy?

Our body is a very clever biological machine, in which we live. If you don't provide the proper care - it will simply break off. It's like a machine.
At the place of infringement of the aura, there is a shift or even open energy channels, the formation of the disease, there is a failure of the systems of the body, including the psyche.
Aligning energy, we are restoring balance in the body, to include his system of self-healing. Getting better not only physical health, but also spiritisme condition. Normal sleep is filled with vital energy of the cosmos. br>
How is the session?

looks very calm procedure. The session is standing. The recipient will be asked to close their eyes and relax. You may experience sensations of heat or cold, movement or numbness. Can appear the images or sounds can bring back memories. The recipient hears and feels, well aware of what is happening. After the procedure you will adjust the feeling and explained everything that happened during the session. br>
is there a way to restore energy balance?

it is Possible. For this you need to study the structure of its own energy and learn the art of meditation.
Believers can achieve the same result of the prayer work, regularly partaking in his Church.

healing sessions I spend in London, or venues of training.

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