What do you feel this word? A haven from the subconscious? Probably all different. But the word is ,certainly, causes a negative feeling in all or nearly all.

We present a man not have his own opinion, which is not able to make decisions independently, without consulting my mother, my grandmother, and later with his wife.

This man, an opinion and decision which is entirely dependent on the opinions of women.

from such men appear? After all, they are not born, it is a fact.

I Propose to argue, based on the facts.

the family is born a boy! Son!

What do you feel parents? A sense of pride! Right: son - boy - man-defender soldiers !Probably going to put that in and definition: the head of the family, the breadwinner, the pillar, wall, hope.

And so begins the education of men.

Well, when a child grows up in a "complete" family, where he sees a model of behavior and relationship of parents, if this relationship is "healthy" (without the screaming, tantrums, breaking dishes, by asking "who's boss"without battering), where the child falls asleep and wakes up in peace, without fear and guessing "what's going on, maybe I'm doing something wrong? It's me...I'm bad..."

about this situation will be discussed .About a man who from childhood is an emergency, stressful situations, constantly feeling the pressure from parents.

in order to survive, it happens that the child becomes insensitive to anything. It closes, the feeling of fear becomes his constant companion: initially in the family, in kindergarten, in school and in later life.

He feels fear constantly, trying not to show, more silent, hiding his eyes.

Parents don't care of the feelings of children in such families, they are a permanent showdown.

There's another category of relationship where one day, sacrificing their opinions for the benefit of the family peace, man will always concede, even if he's right.

there can be different reasons:

-the Overbearing mother who is raising children on the principle of "I said", no matter if in the family father, his opinion into account never taken.

-the Suppression and devaluation of any of the actions of a child/teenager , parents. And it happens all the time.

All this leads to low self-esteem, first child, and then adult men.

here is an example of the case, the witness which I have become, I must say that he is not unique.

the subway came dad with three babies, about от3до 7 years. Two boys-a teenager, who held the seat, looked at his grandmother, who was sitting opposite.

Grandmother nodded, did not support the initiative of adolescents to the manifestation of man's act. The guys were sitting together buried in mobile phones. To children have given place to people of retirement age, but it's not about that.

See what happens.

the Boys 14-15 years old asking my grandmother how to do that! To give up a place?! You know what I mean?

the Inability to make decisions!

And after all these actions, decisions which are taken independently, provide a sense of confidence in themselves and their future act of men.

if we don't teach boys the family to make their own decisions, to take and be responsible for their actions , then who will marry our girls? After all, every parent wants their daughter to marry a responsible, decisive, confident!

Who will take care about the family, if all the decisions will depend on the nod of the woman's head?

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