Her husband's presence at childbirth. How will it affect the relationship?

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How might this affect relations?

How will this affect the relationship depends on how you react to this situation husband.

the reaction of the husband depends directly on what stage of development Your relationship.

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And now briefly about the algorithm of Your behavior at each stage.

🔴If the birth falls on the first stage relationship a "Merger" or love, for You and for husband it will be a positive experience.

✔Husband willingly agrees.
✔You will get support.
✔my Husband will be pleased to perform the role of Men protector, wall.

🔵If the birth falls on the second stage of the "Separation", most likely the husband will Express doubts in the presence of at birth.
✔Better to have it refused. Since the task of this stage – the beginning of the distancing between spouses.
✔This separation should be encouraged. Her husband's presence at childbirth is convergence. It is at this stage desirable.
✔so, it is better not to offer participation in childbirth.
✔You can verify this by setting the husband the right questions. the
Right – so leaving the freedom of choice to a partner.
for Example.
How do you think, does the baby's father be present at birth or woman can handle herself? the
most Likely the man will refuse. Do not resist this. Accept as is.

⚫If the birth falls on the third stage of the relationship "Distance", the participation of the husband in childbirth is highly undesirable.
✔It is now switched to the world: work, friends, rest not with You, not a hobby.
✔For fast and soft spot of this stage is necessary to "feed" her husband's freedom, to encourage him to a pastime is not with You, lovingly let him be separated from You.
✔His participation in childbirth is a moral and physical convergence. Now it will only aggravate Your partner are experiencing a crisis.

✔most Likely it will be expressed not only in total loss for You, but even in the sense of hostility.
✔the Paradox is that You will very want that the husband was present at birth.
This kind of manipulation – a way to attach.
Any manipulation is dishonest, eventually you can lose.
So let's be honest. And to be honest is to respect each other's opinions, his freedom of choice to accept unconditionally any decision regarding this issue.

⚪If the birth falls on the fourth stage of the "Search for balance", here it's a 50-50 chance that he will agree.
✔Ask him if he wants it himself (see paragraph 2).
✔If the husband decides to be with You – it will affect Your relationship positively or neutrally.

🔴If the birth falls on the fifth stage of development of relations "living in harmony", it is likely that my husband will be interested in Your request for his presence at childbirth.
✔This will positively affect Your future relationship.
✔If refuses gently, and sincerely accept his decision.

For making Your final decision it is important to know another fact.

💥💥💥Ideal birth process contributes to a "disabling" the social component and, accordingly, the maximum power of instinct.

❕Work of the cerebral cortex is responsible for the social that we have, RUN the following factors:

💥 human speech;
💥observation (students, movie);
💥bright light;

as for me, I chose to give birth without the presence of her husband.

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