If the person is not trying to change the paradigm of life and lives only by faith without any effort to change, the result remains the same. "I want to be healthy, and I believe it," you say, but do nothing, waiting for what you believe, whether your health is perfect? "According to your faith and you will be...", "By their works shall judge them..." two sentences from the Holy Scriptures, at first glance may seem contradictory.

Watch the man who declares that all his problems are solved only because of his faith: physical and emotional health, prosperity, domestic harmony, happiness and success in society... everyone is considerate and reasoning opponent might say that lacks the main ingredient in this paradigm, namely, its own efforts in deeds and actions, droplets of sweat, which is "flavored", gives a "taste" of our beliefs, embodied in a particular case.

As we oppose our positive thinking as logical reasoning, say, to be completely healthy and existing reality? Where there is a contradiction between the desired and actual? If we think about the good life, a healthy body, emotional stability, material prosperity, these thought forms can be attributed to positive thinking. Logic, the real unresolved problems, says otherwise. The validity, judgment and positive thinking here are in conflict. Is it possible in this conflict to find a compromise? Two forces that exist in nature, centrifugal and centripetal and cancel each other out and "contravene" in relation to themselves. And in life, resisting anything, we only aggravate the problem, putting back more energy, reinforcing the existing conflict. There is a paradox, according to which we struggle with ourselves, because the presence of problems that require a response does not automatically solve it. However, the recognition of the problem and concrete actions will help resolve the problem.

Specifying a specific approval on paper, it is important to read it several times to ponder the meaning of written, listen to the feedback of the body and to decide what emotions and feelings you are experiencing now? If there is any resistance, no matter what level of perception or awareness, the existing inside problem requires a permit. It is important to understand that the Law of attraction will be on your side in that case, if you agreed with me, choosing the most appropriate course of action when your judgment will become final status, and your calculated actions will be accomplished by themselves, gaining enough energy for the realization. When a person constantly thinks about health, is actually thoughts and opinions are based on his absence. The space around is filled with information which it is possible to use for the benefit, but an obstacle to the internal beliefs: "can, will", "maybe"... "if". Internal contradictions have the opposite effect: where we take a step towards the desired one, move two steps back. The implications of the statement that you're sick, and you know the truth of such judgments, however, and the absurdity of it, cause cognitive dissonance, worsening the situation. Approval is based on fear, the result will be devastating, since the existing laws of Existence, including the law of conservation of energy will redistribute it in the vectors, which directed the energy of thought. Balancing or causing dissonance in our energy bodies, we initiate a sequence causing harmony and creativity, or the weights and subsequent decay.

We are attracting all that is good in life or rejecting the opportunities.

Giving a positive boost to your own beliefs in your own mind, we are convinced that the old overshadowed and gradually disappears, being restored energomarket mental and emotional bodies, the energy is properly distributed in the body, disappear physical pain, restore interpersonal relationships... person attracts to his life more and more opportunities. Inner harmony, excellence, emotional stability, discipline, clarity in thought and tranquility, embodied on a subconscious level, as the intention and belief. A certain view of life, often declared, but not embodied at an unconscious level similar to a soap bubble, bright and colorful but short-lived and unable to exist independently. By food, for example, which absorbs a person experiencing stress, as if to say, "I'll have another slice, portion, Supplement, I'm not hurt," he fills your living space with the missing love or sympathy, broken relationships, or personal crisis, compensating for their own fears of being misunderstood or not heard, experiencing resentment or guilt, which brought disappointment. Loneliness, spiritual emptiness filled with food, "bored", when filled with the stomach signals the brain: "all is well, do not worry or worry". Because people can be in one of two States: it is either tense or relaxed, by drinking excessive quantities of food occurs reflex relaxation. Are hormones of pleasure, happiness, and stress is dissolved in the stomach.

the Existing fears and concerns have nothing to do with innate fears: the fear of falling and loud noises. All the other contrived and far-fetched in our lives "behind the ears"... Many of them are caused and initiated by our parents, patterns, elements of learning, social conditions and environment. But they run the machinery just as it would happen in a really dangerous situation involving a threat to health or life. In other words, our body somehow "knows" that he can be harmed or irreparable damage and violation of integrity may lead to pain, feeling the split and inadequate assessment of reality. As it enters the body? Includes a protective response on the reflex level, through the release into blood of stress hormones. A moment, and we are able to "cocking", ready to fight or run away... In such situations, telomerase or telomeres, the end of our DNA that wear out prematurely and we can't in full force to fight stress, our body ages faster, we feel exhausted and lose our ability to effectively counter nalichestvuya forces beyond our adaptation rules.

"Remake" the subconscious programs that run from there. If you think about it we are concerned only what we attach importance to the painting in his mind a similar situation, once Jerusalem for us negative consequences. However, costs us in more detail and to look critically at stressful situation, to analyze and compare, to generalize the existing experience and facts, we understand that this situation is in line with other everyday problems that are solved on the "two accounts".

At first glance it is a surprising fact, when the consciousness is cleansed of negative programs and attitudes in life begin to occur transformation and transformation: leave physical pain disappear negative emotional responses to the sources and causes of worry and anxiety, there is a need to obtain a new desire to change, to manage their own lives. Become the predominant feelings of calm, confidence, harmony and peace of mind, knowing that when we will learn how to correctly and consistently use our inborn capacity, our capacity is not the limit...

and Kosintsev Vladimir
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