Put the huskies! This will be your gratitude.

Almost everyone has a hobby, a purpose, a favorite thing. Some manage to turn a hobby into a living and go to the free level. If it managed to organize people to become more free from working for the man.

But unfortunately, not all succeed. For this there are psychological reasons:

🔻No connection with the soul (don't know what to do, no Hobbies)
🔻Fear of losing financial stability
🔻Fear of public opinion (focus on others)
🔻Shame or fear to Express themselves, their services, product
🔻Delaying a first step

It is all familiar to me! Fortunately, I was successful in this way. The worst thing for me was to declare itself as about the person. I was distracted by fear of public opinion and shame to Express themselves.

How can you help yourself?

1⃣it is Very important to pay attention to yourself. Acknowledge your feelings, which are relative to the hobby.

2⃣try to remember where more relevant are these feelings (maybe in childhood). For example, I have a fear of public opinion was associated with the school when I unsuccessfully told the poem in the initial class.

3⃣Mentally go back to that moment and talk with your part. Support words, hugs, comfort. The main thing is to make contact.

This little exercise works with feelings that make it difficult to promote yourself in your hobby.

I Think it a great happiness, when a person can take a hobby and earn money on it. A man doing his job with great pleasure, than just performing obligatory work.

Clients say that they feel more freedom from compulsory work, went fear of losing jobs and etc. There is of great importance that a hobby can bring earnings and this leaves the fear to remain without money.

You could say that a hobby can be a good safety cushion. Of course the person begins to feel freer and more confident.

the Big plus are the testimonials of customers, help people and contribute to society.

And do you have any Hobbies? Manage to implement it?

sataeva Ramil
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