Хочу, могу и надо

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Already for school, I noticed that are different from other children. I was often ill and so I was released from physical education. It was hard to focus, I kept getting distracted. I saw that someone is coming out very well. br>
When I went to College, I had to put a lot of effort not to sleep in lectures and I watched with amazement at his peers, who seemed easily with this spreepalais.

When I started to build a career in my vocabulary the word "should". It's not enough that I quickly understood and could do the job faster than the average worker, twice. I had to be on time. And if I'm quick, I just had to take on twice the responsibilities. br>
And I absolutely found that we are not equal. We each have different abilities from birth, different resources of the body, we grew up in different families with different levels of wealth, education, relationships. And I was absolutely physically weaker and less hardy than most of the colleagues I work with.

Under the word "need" I worked together 7 years until he made a nervous breakdowns, endless sickness and complete apathy to any kind of work. br>
When my life started a business, suddenly appeared the word "can" which filled me with new strength. I can work today, and gone tomorrow. I can not earn money, but can relax. I can decide when and how I will handle my business. If I get up at 5 am, or at 12, I work in the office, at home or over a Cup of tea in the cafe. Or even a glass of wine.
the Word "may" gave me strength, a sense of responsibility for their actions and freedom. I am free and I am fully responsible for the result that I get.
And it is a wonderful feeling. Absolutely brilliant!

And in this freedom there is an ability to gain desire. There is the word "want ". And it turns out that often due to the "I need". To achieve any want I have to take a step, two, three.
And not always, these actions will be enjoyable. It is a fact. br>

Zagradska Anastasia
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