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Today I continue the theme of Holographic coaching (GK) and want to talk about it more. Everything is based on working with images, the so-called method of OCISO (Conscious State Change through the Images).

so, the source of everything that happens in the life of any person is by himself. That is, as I said last time, each of us is a huge mirror in which is watching the "plot". And broadcasts this "film" a whole team of specialists: beliefs, values, principles, as.... And all of them are located inside the mirror at the Central office.

And it is clear that attempts to change the picture in the reflection of the ridiculous and absurd, but the vast majority of people spend sometimes whole life just for this completely stupid! Try to influence the result, forgetting that the reason for both was, and remained. And sometimes it is enough just to smile, to see the desired change in the world... How did once a Little Raccoon!)))

to Change your state, and even better to obtain a deep conviction, to launch the process of internal transformation that is possible with imaging. They are like a vehicle, deliver a person level of consciousness in which he is suffering with some problem on other, deeper levels, where hiding the same team of authors of the film called "life context".

All you need to do is give the image to its state, to put it simply the emotions that are born in a problem situation. Absolutely any condition can give way. And everybody is capable of.

the only Difference is that someone transport works better and goes faster, the cabin is more comfortable, less stops, and so on. At others he slows down and breaks down, creating inconvenience to the passenger. The reason for that is the mind, which resists so long "trips", as she is afraid and feels that there is something much more important and valuable than he is. And that's certainly true!

When people after work gets the desired state, and an even better realization, he begins to "vibrate" at the other frequencies through while getting a change of context of life - the reflection in the mirror.

Also perfectly worked out fears and internal barriers. Sometimes the images lead to the child in a situation that has an effect on a person's life. Frequently the answers to the questions with which the mind can not cope.

In the end, is self-knowledge, acquaintance with their true Essence, with the Soul, with the Source of everything. And this is the most important thing in the life of any of us!

using this method I came to Myself and even began to write transformational stories, which are based on semicoking as described. With my work, you can get through the free course "Journey to self", or the book is a collection of transformational stories "Conversations with the Soul". This can be found here. Then everything I say will be completely transparent!

in short, GK and images, in my opinion, is one of the best ways of self-discovery and development!

If you, my Dear, have any questions or interest in Holographic coaching and method, OSISA, write! I will be happy to share their knowledge and experience!

With love, Dubourg Tatiana!

Women's coach, writer, owner of project "Happiness is You!"


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