Holographic dreams


would You like to record your dreams, and then view them on the screen?

This function is possible for... animators. They remember dreams, and then reproduce them in the cartoon.

You can now see how the vivid dreams and altered States of consciousness (even to Amsterdam to fly is not necessary) in the cartoon "Rick and Morty" (2nd season the 2nd series).

one to One. Artists reproduce their dreams. Know where it is? Because she saw such dreams. There's even a similar music plays.

In the dream, I seem stories one to one, as in the cartoon "Rick and Morty", for example, showed himself the story... "Moydodyr". Spirally twisted adaptation of the text Chukovsky (he obviously saw it in a dream):

Flew sheet,
Like a frog,
got Away from me...

would the artist have drawn.

has Reached a new level of dreams holographic.

the sleep Environment and characters are created by desire thoughts as holograms. They transformirovalsya each other on the fly as 3D models. The stability of the sleep depends on personal maturity. Imagine the possibilities for realization of sexual fantasies (luckily I have a wife) and in the dream, not to sex.

With the help of vivid lucid dreams can and should to solve psychological problems. Ask the subject to solve, collect the dreaming therapeutic group, and they decide your question. Convenient!

How to see the holographic dreams?

1. Read the books of Carlos Castaneda. Everything is written as if incredibly it may seem.

2. To enhance the energy level. It's like the CPU and memory for your computer. To see holographic dreams, need some power.

3. To make a recapitulation of life, that you were controlling the dream, but he is not thee.

4. Work to stop the internal dialogue. Dreams begin after a pause of silence (everyone has their own threshold).

5. To raise the level of energy through the body. Castaneda it was magical passes. Compared to the Ashtanga yoga, these passes are only initial level. Yoga.

the Study of dreams continues.

View series of cartoon "Rick and Morty", there you will see, and the imposition of outside thoughts, and dreams. One in one!

Vladimir Nikonov
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