Homophobia among psychologists.
Quite often, when clients request for therapy or a consultation I hear such a claim that the psychologist was
Know a few cases where parents brought their teenager to a psychologist (his homosexuality), and the psychologist said that the child should be treated, which is horrible and unnatural.
4 years ago I was at a screening of the film "Children 404" about LGBT teenagers, after watching the movie a woman posing as a psychologist, complained loudly and shouted that this is terrible, how is it possible to show, filmed outcasts and dregs of society (not quoting in full, but expressions memorized verbatim).the
last year was a glaring case in the St. Petersburg psychological center, where a young man was denied psychological help on the basis of his homosexuality.
not surprisingly, after such cases to seek help from a psychologist, to put it mildly, is not desirable.
so, this is nothing like homophobia – negative attitude towards homosexuality that is recorded in the form of cultural schemes and social attitudes, norms, stereotypes leading to discrimination of homosexuals. Homophobia includes any negative feelings (fear, anger, hatred, irritation, anxiety, fear of contact), which have people against the homosexuals. Usually, homophobia is irrational, tied to a lack of information or false information about homosexuals.

Not so long ago at an LGBT conference listened to a very interesting report on this subject. The study was conducted in the period from 2012 to 2017. - Anna Gasolina senior lecturer in clinical psychology and psychophysiology Urfa
the Researchers suggested several reasons why among psychologists widespread homophobia:
1. Education psychologists are lagging behind the modern level. Low awareness and knowledge. Psychologists do not know that homosexuality removed from the list of diseases ICD (international classification of diseases)
2. Psychologists are influenced by the homophobic public discourse (household homophobia)
3. Focused and centralized lighting of homosexuality as a "disease of society" (statement in a list with alcohol and drug abuse)
4. Personal characteristics, which influence the formation of homophobia
research results:
1. More than 30% of psychologists have a moderate and high level of homophobia.
2. These data correlate with the rigidity (inflexibility), the subjects marked difficulty accepting new information.
3. Also there is a correlation with the expert position when the psychologist thinks he "knows better". The more experience, the higher the expert (mentor) position.
4. 60% of psychologists consider themselves to be tolerant and think tolerant of same-sex families, however, according to the study, in a survey of psychologists - two same-sex partners living together for a long time, you can call family only 21% of respondents (worse towards families with different gender identity). At issue is whether to fully socialize children in same-sex families – a positive answer was given by only 17% of respondents. Approximately 9% of respondents noted that children in same-sex families should not be, because society is homophobic, and because of this, the children will suffer another 9% said that children in same-sex families should not be, because in such a family is bad, there is no "correct" gender roles. The other answers are so homophobic and insulting that during the report they did not dare to voice.
5. The level of homophobia among psychologists is reduced under the condition of greater awareness, personal communication, acquaintance (starting level - 68%; after a course of lectures on gender psychology, workshops, living library 49%).
6. 68% of the respondents show high and medium level of homophobia, and only 9% of respondents said that personally know or have had experience with the LGBT community

Conclusion: the level of homophobia among psychologists influenced not only by low awareness and personal characteristics, but the lack of personal contact with the LGBT community.
"Ask questions: curiosity instead of condemnation."

Pyotr Smirnov
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