In 2007, the Association Gomosesualnym Parents French created a platform that unites 936 articles describing scientific studies on homosexual families. The studies were carried out including in the psychology — used both qualitative and quantitative methods, including 4 meta-analysis of empirical data obtained in the result of studies on the development of children growing up in families where both parents of the same sex.

was studied aspects of parent-child relationships as parent-child interaction, intellectual development of children, their gender identity and gender roles, sexual orientation, and psychosocial development.

  1. the quality of the relationship parent-child in the group with homosexual parents in the control group were about the same, small differences were detected in the number of interactions parent-child. In homosexual families such interactions a little more.
  2. none of the studies have not identified links between family type and level of intellectual development of the child.
  3. Behavior due to gender identity — gender preferences due to culture, not replicats in children eksperimentalnih and control groups.
  4. there was No significant differences in gender identity in children of the two groups.
  5. Sexual orientation — the children of gay families do not choose homoseksualne orientation more frequently than their peers from heterosexual families. With the only amendment — the girls of gay families more likely to "try himself in a homosexual relationship" than their peers from heterosexual families are more prone to fantasies about that experience.
  6. children from homosexual families are not identified neither more nor less difficulty of psychosocial development (anxiety, depression, deviant behavior, aggression) than their peers from heterosexual families.
  7. studies have found that children from homosexual families are more likely to become victims of stigmatization and bullying from peers.

I Remind you that science and scientific study in psychology is a great thing, and it undergoes many procedures validation and testing for reliability of results. Is the society ready to hear the truth about this research? And how this really can fit into the picture of the world?

Here are the links to these studies:

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