Homosexuality, as it is important to understand their reaction.


you should Start with the definition of homosexuality, I will use the concept of homosexuality in a broad sense — is one of the types of human sexuality, emerging from a homosexual orientation (sexual attraction to persons of the same sex), homosexual identity (self-awareness as a person of homosexual orientation) and homosexual behavior (sexual practices with persons of their own sex).

In Western countries, people of this orientation have equal rights with the heterosexual, something where people can enter into a formal same-sex marriage. But from my point of view, unfortunately, present a significant number of areas in which people with a homosexual orientation are discriminatie, or where such a communication a criminal offense.

the Phenomenon of homosexuality, as we know, is celebrated from very ancient times, in the II century ad, Soran of Ephesus conducted a study of the orientation and defined it in the area of pathologies.

In modern society, the growth of homosexual couples is a natural process, following the norms adopted earlier in society, changes in the worldview of people and changing social situation.

So how do you react badly to natural? Why now, in Russia still there are people who fraudulently seek out homosexual couples and bullied for them? Why the government to prohibit the issue officially, these marriages?

these questions do not cover all the problems but give the opportunity to reflect on this phenomenon, over how to treat him. I remember the dynamics of their relationship to homosexuality, from ngodwana for adoption.
the Purpose of this introductory article is to give an occasion to reflect on how you understand this phenomenon, and why do you feel one way or another.

Working with queries associated with homosexuality is very time-consuming, getting started, it is considered proper to first understand this phenomenon from a theoretical point of view, including different positions, and only then proceed to the psychological approach.

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