Horror movies: why do people watch them?


There is only one reason why people watch scary movies, all individually:

- someone who gets high on adrenaline, they like to come into a state of excitation, which continues for some time after watching horror movies.

- for some it's a way to get a thrill, which is lacking in reality;

- someone's watching horror movies to distract from problems - while viewing such films it's easy to forget about everything.

Very often, the horrors of watching people who are so much afraid, as well as people with high anxiety. So they escape from the real to the false fears that will end with the screening of the film.

So there is some sense of control over fear - man 100% knows that after an hour or two all over. They are looking for that sense of relief that occurs after the film, which is not find in life.

For some it's a way of letting off steam and aggression - when a person associates himself with the villain, and he is attracted to these images. It is not pathology as long as it does not interfere with their lives and the lives of others.

the Viewing of these films, however, may harm the health and mood of a person:

1. First, proven experience of horror movies are stored in memory and can reactivate in situations that remind viewed, enlivening and negative, associated with this. As a result, the person may increase anxiety, although he attributes this to watching a movie.

2. Secondly, a person can increase the number of fears in real life. Known fact that after watching the movie "Jaws", many were afraid to swim in the sea.

3. Thirdly, people who regularly viewing horror, may have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. This is partly due to excitement, partly with increasing alarm.

4. Fourth, people with good imagination after watching the scariest movies you can think out of the situations that occur in everyday life, to attribute negative motives to other people and to look for negativity where it may not be.

People are sensitive and prone to empathy, as a rule, avoid watching these movies.

whether or not to watch the horror is the choice of everyone. But it seems to me not very reasonable when people are so carefully choose the food and water they consume, trying to eat only useful, and often don't think about what information consumes their brain.

Review specifically for the magazine Lifehacker

Milov Larissa
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