in the Spring it so happened that I was in the hospital.. As usual - unexpected, unwelcome and not a good time... I bow to all my relatives and just people who voluntarily or involuntarily were there. Hospital patient is a special state. As if a person is on the shore of life and it is depressing. In our culture it is accepted that sickness and suffering is no life. And the person tries to return to life. Many seek the life to pull the ears to self: listen to the news on TV, call you at work with instructions to go on pilgrimage via the Internet. But it's not. We like to forget about the most important. About the reason of his appearance in the hospital. What the body wanted to tell this disease? Why now?
I think the stay in the hospital is a good occasion to reflect on their existence past and present. And don't try to convince me, though for a speedy recovery, it is crucial to think about something abstract. Not at all. Ignoring yourself and your physical reality leads to conflict. I urge to think only about the disease or about the consequences that it carries. To recover important contact with you and dialogue with you. It is important to approach his own body as a friend who comes to say something important. From the friendly position to comprehend the reasons and results will be easier.
I have seen different behaviors in the wards. Is expressed the denial. It is expressed with the words: "I'm here by accident. It's not about me. Actually, I don't like to be sick and in the hospital since the childhood was not." Sometimes the desire to go into the condition. And then the person clinging to the medication, complaining to doctors, nurses, aides..
I thought it was important to identify common items that will help the recovery process. Talking about mental recovery, because it will lead physics.

Accept privacy. for some reason, fate has excluded You from the normal rhythm of life. Suddenly for something good and important? How to understand this? Try to disconnect from the outside world. Turn off the TV. Exactly. If this fails, give preference to humorous gear, positive Hollywood comedies. Declare a categorical "no" to news of the Federal TV channels. Most important — leave time and space for silence to hear yourself. Don't let the TV to take up all Your time.
Music relaxation. has Long been known to its beneficial influence on the course of physical processes. It is important for you to let yourself rest, relaxation.
Communicating with colleagues dosed. "Colleagues by misfortune" from your chamber will be happy to share their sorrows. However, it is in these conversations not to participate. Try to listen only to positive history, which shows a complete victory over the disease.
Meditation. Visualization. Even if You've never practiced anything like that, it was time to try. Concentration of the mind dulls the pain, makes clear the General condition, energizes. Even if you managed to focus for a few seconds — this is a step. After lunch, try to go a little further. Your brain needs examples, albeit small, but victories. And this as the winner for the recovery is extremely useful.
contact with the body. Despite the fact that some part of Your body has proved particularly clearly (otherwise people will not be in hospital wards), integral contact with the body, is particularly important. Suitable yoga, qi Gong, Pilates, the usual gymnastics. In extreme cases, a mental "bypass" of my body, thanks all organs and systems for their work. Can try a dialogue with himself, with his illness. br>Work. Choose to your taste from the variety of art-therapeutic tools: drawing, modeling, crafts, music... I personally liked working with Mandalas. Relatives bought me the most simple coloring book with mandalas and I'm happy immersed in creativity...well It focuses, calms, harmonizes and streamlines the thoughts, removes current fears...
Less than a home-cooked meal. And generally eating less. Yes, I know that family and friends are trying to feed-feed-feed.. However, the fight against disease in most cases proceeds more successfully in a state of mild hunger. Then the body has to expend energy on the digestive process.
Read for the soul. the keyword "for the soul." If the soul is calling and asks for literature — well, enjoy. If You get distracted by extraneous thoughts, read only because it is necessary — do not force yourself. Reading as a way to escape from reality, to recovery You will not push.

I Really hope that You don't have to remember this article and wish you all stay healthy! However, if You or Your loved ones were in the hospital, send your mind is not only to quickly leave this house, but to live this time in contact with you, realizing your life and your body.

Ismagilova Tamara
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