How "fried" my books


Texts as the coffee beans.

They ripen as the seeds of thought that are roasted, stimulate and give energy to the action.

My articles are double roasted. After the grain is ripe thoughts, they go in the editorial office "By the rules". There are my texts "Ziarat".

How is the "roasting" of books?

this question is answered by the Director of the editorial Bureau of "rules" Anastasia Kozhemyakina.

we Have with Anastasia, according to the wind of karma, the same birthday: October 22, 1981.

"Sketchy work looks like.

I receive the order, decide the organizational issues, coordinate the relationship of all against all.

the First phase of work on the text — editing. This is the main stage. For enquiry and verification of the correctness of the language the editor uses online services and physical dictionary-reference books (see what regiment of the editor?).

Editorial version sent to you. From you editor again. On the second stage of editing she brings to the text correction on the basis of the answers to the questions. Read (entirely or partially) the text. And sends the proofs, accompanied by instructions.

For a proofreader — proofreading checklist. Search just missed in the early stages. Plus responsibility for spelling, too."

After receiving from the Bureau a book, publish it on the website. Grain of thought aged. The best of them go to the second roasting for edition in paper form. And from there get on the shelves of stores.

My books

Received a freshly roasted batch of texts. Has also submitted the e-book "For the mind 33. Coffee says."


  • Meaningless progress
  • Synchronisme with readers
  • the Collective body
  • More is achieved with less
  • Coffee is
  • 3 ways of self-development
  • Small events create big history
  • Superconsciousness
  • to go to the gym or stay home?
  • Suspicious minds
  • Ashtanga yoga for men
  • Dreaming of a monkey
  • As I understand the philosophy
  • preferred view
  • to Make few, but good!
  • my son was born!
  • the Birth of a child: how it was
  • Time and consciousness
  • How to call son?
  • perception of the size
  • Packed
  • Experience the birth of his son
  • Relaxation
  • telegony
  • And what about Lev?
  • Register the child for 60 minutes
  • When it comes to understanding
  • Error liberals
  • hide-and-seek with thought,
  • Intention and action in the matter of health
  • using probabilities
once again the link to the book-coffee:

a Nice refreshing read!

Vladimir Nikonov
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