Who raised greedy brought up and where is he?! Will reply directly in your own family!

let's Try to understand how this happens.

a Small child is sincere, not tainted by society, the establishment. All nature is directly manifested in his behavior. Through the reality reflects the inner world of the child. A sense of security is a very important human need. Things for a child is[/url]When the child is small we are not used to ask his opinion, considering that all the stuff us, can fully us controlled.

now think to yourself, when someone at work or at home , and worse in a public place takes your thing – what is the reaction?

But if you briefly left and came back and saw my place? I think in his heart you are all just boils with indignation!

For you child is a part of your body or soul, especially for moms. We all understand that from the point of view itself, but why allow ourselves to dispose of baby clothes, toys, candy.... Of course, it is ridiculous to talk about a sense of ownership in the nursing infant. But often we don't notice – kids grow up, and our attitude remains the same: the Child is my! And things belonging to him – mine too! Yes, not only things, and even thoughts and actions that we rush to control every second and guide you in the right direction.

it is Human nature to defend your belongings and your territory! But when this right is constantly violated – there is fear of loss and, accordingly, a strong defensive reaction! Greed is provoked by the behavior of adults, and then establishes reciprocal actions of the child.

Here are some examples that lead to the development of greed in children:

  • the child is not his site, the one where no one commands: how to put to put, where to remove......., where no one will take it and throw it away especially things that appear to us completely unnecessary, crumpled, old and just garbage from the street... the less the child's own space, the more often you will hear the words "ladies"
  • 2. Think maybe in our phrases constantly heard accusations: not shared, not lost, thought only of themselves, greedy, selfish, etc.

    when a child has the right to think about yourself and not owe every second to think about others. Try this yourself – if not will go crazy and will not earn a neurosis – you are a unique person, even a little bit like a zombie!

  • We do not give the right of ownership to your child. If we gave him even the most expensive toy he is entitled to dispose of it. And we can only advise, suggest, teach by example, as it is necessary to take care of the things.
  • So the child has the right not to give their toys to others. He was not greedy – he protects his own property. When you come to visit, you also not allow them to use all the things in your home: wearing your jewelry, for you to climb in the cupboards.

    Teach your child not to be greedy, let him decide what he's willing to share with others, and that he just needed to get away from prying eyes.

  • Often, forcing a child to share, we reinforce his negative emotions, the fact that the accused of riot, accused, suspect greed.
  • you Can follow the request of senses that you are very happy and the child you just blessed. And children love to please others and will do so again and again, if your emotions are sincere and without evaluation!

    it is Important: we speak not what generous, good, and about his feelings about you, his actions brought joy!

    If we evaluate the child once said a negative about his behavior can be fixed better than hundreds of words, "you're good"!

    the Child is always GOOD. But his actions can bring joy or sorrow to others.

    Always think about developing personality of your child, his confidence and self-esteem!

  • And a very important point: if you give very little affection and love to your child, you risk more than others to bring him up greedy!
  • Stuff toys transitional objects that replace us the warmth of a mother, her lack of spiritual sense.

    Remember my childhood and relationships with parents and compare it to the peculiarities of your character, with your generosity and proprietary feelings.

    Love and understand their children! And they never will greedy and will learn from your example, only the good and bright!

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