How and why are we trying to fool men.


the Reason for writing this article was reading one post where the man showered the girl with compliments, and he kept his distance.

often make men, and some do it with a certain degree of rigidity and cynicism.

I've been in a similar relationship for many years, I wrote about it in my the book. Not a single eminent psychologist could help me, told me he was married, but I couldn't understand why it all was necessary, he didn't want sex with me, he Tr**l my brain and got pleasure from it.

for Many years it was a kind of opposition: on the one hand, an army of psychologists, I'm in the middle, "beloved" on the other hand, has always won the last one. With other men I had, but this, by the way, he was a Jew and was older than me and a lawyer by occupation, had all the basics manipulation.

His method of manipulation was : he loves me, praised me to the skies, saying that the cool, can achieve a lot, and he would not be surprised if I see mine once a banner ad campaign for the presidency. I appointed the date, and the last time something did not work: it is the case, then the traffic Police stopped, the car broke down, he serious got a call right on my doorstep and so on.

Sometimes he would come every three months, and complained that he bad met a loved one and so on. It was complete trash. One psychologist taught me: to put it before a choice: or you get married or you break up. I raised and he, like a snake wriggled, saying that he is a free artist and family is not for him. I didn't have the courage to put pressure on him because he was terrible fear of being alone. Then he disappeared for a while, and a month later texted me "what do you define a relationship"? That is, I had to decide, not him.

I don't know that I once found, but I texted him " You're a good man, but very far from me." He came the same day that was a shock for me. And offered to live a civil marriage in Moscow, but I would need to organize some kind of business, with an income of a few million rubles, and he will be my partner and protector. In General some stuff that scared me and I pushed him away that day. And, in the end, I was left to blame then he, then he offered me to live together , and I refused.

I now understand that in the moment experience "the effect of gum", he suggested that I leave and rushed to feed me false hope and confuse guilt.

I managed to work through the feelings of perverts only method of metaphors, because there is no logic here was not working and no amount of therapy, talking, persuasion did not help me.

In an attempt to solve the problem I applied money to my psychologist for new car Chevrolet Niva , and the problem has solved itself, as Munchausen, pulled herself over the hair, and a method in alpractice is bad, then you need to keep yourself in a trance and mindfulness at the same time, but I did it.

In our last conversation with this man, after another attempt to confuse me, I ran over it, I just said what I think about it and put in the black list and even changed my phone, because even then he was trying to reach me. I'm sure 1000% , I met him accidentally in town, he'll sing me the same song: "I loved you and you left me." This is his game of life, one day at the training I met a girl who before I met him, and also suffered very much, I even felt sorry for her because she's younger than me by 10 years.

So why did he do it? He was married, as it turned out, and he very carefully hid it. He needed control of me. Alternate. It is "comfortable" relationship and avoiding responsibility, shifting the blame. This game is a "sex brain".

Conclusion: if you have a complete mess in my head next to her man, not the fact that you are sick head, it means that it is specially confuse you, so "free" you use your energy of attention, it is necessary to think about it..

Through this experience, I graduated from College, graduated, got acquainted with different practices and methods of work, has achieved this success. Became an expert at manipulation, has written a book and successfully help people.

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And you were in a similar situation??

Olga Naumova
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