Today on how we choose a man - partner for life/marriage and what tasks in the relationship.
In psychology there are various theories on this.
for Example, the fact that the choice of a life partner are having a big impact relationship with the father (or his Deputy).
If they were comfortable and happy, the woman on this basis, to choose a partner that has a similar father character (appearance, character).
If the relationship is poor, then the type of the male partner is the complete opposite of my father.
it is possible and a combination of both, depending on what kind of trait the father is positive or negative feelings.
Another theory suggests that a woman chooses a partner with those qualities in her are either absent or deeply suppressed. Conversely, if any quality presented it very clearly, the degree of manifestation of their partner will be negligible.
I is closer to the theory of partner selection according to the degree of self-love. I.e. the partner will "mirror" you what you have inside. If you have unexamined psychological trauma, the partner will "pull" them out. Conflicts in relationships in this case are inevitable. Accordingly, when a high level of self-love and the relationship will be harmonious.
Being in a relationship/marriage, we solve a very important problem.

Today, about some of them.
first, we learn to love and accept yourself and therefore learn to love and accept other people, in this case a partner/husband.
do Not learn to love and accept yourself, not filled with love, we will not be able to give it, ie will not be able to love another person.
in a relationship with a man, through marriage we go through certain lessons that, one way or another, presents our partner. And let these lessons are not always pleasant and sometimes excruciatingly painful to pass. But thanks to them, we have the opportunity to become the best version of myself.
Because the path to loving yourself there are many different barriers, psychological trauma, negative beliefs, past hurts and disappointments. Our partners/husbands, otzerkalivat our internal problems, help us to come to your essence, to your true self.
the Second task is to act like a "Teacher" in relation to the partner, i.e. to reveal its internal problems. To show that requires a "fix" on the way to true love.
the Third challenge that stands before us not only in a relationship with a man, but is manifest in them, very clearly, is to learn how to balance "take – give". From the availability of this balance depends on the quality of your relationship. Bias in any direction means that no "healthy" relationships of speech can not be. And if the partners do not realize this, then the relationship is doomed. They can continue in a purely "decorative" form, ie will only have the outer shell, behind which are two completely strangers to each other.

Elena Poturaeva
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