Before going to a family psychologist is often a question: to go alone or family, couple. Consultation with all members of the family and one – on the one hand, it's about different, on the other hand we still affected your complexity from the point of view of a family system (parents or yours) and how it relates to what is happening in your life.

I Recommend to come together to couples counseling when there are difficulties in couple relationships or with one of the members of the family (most often it is a child, for example):
— You'll hear what he thinks and feels your partner regarding the issues that concern you;
— If you are having trouble explaining their emotions, feelings and experiences to the partner, couples counseling will help you to convey your feelings and thoughts in a safe environment and carefully directly. When we are talking directly to the partner and other family members that we care about what we feel and think, then there is less room for illusions, thinking and conjecturing about yourself and other. Likely to hear the answer, than when we leave "all" or not talking openly with a partner.
— You are a couple, you have an impact on each other. Your facial expressions, gestures, emotions are inseparable from your partner. You — system. And so it is important to see how you are affected, sometimes in different areas with each other. Or not affect. And then it will be important to understand how this happens.

When the family is faced with the problem of the relationship with the child (behavior, reactions, relationships with someone from adults, etc.), it is important that family came together. No matter how paradoxical it sounded the thought, but children, simply put, a mirror of our adult relationships. And then family psychologists see the complexity from different angles and help to be effective.

Consultations are 1-1. 5 hours, most often. To understand how things work and to solve complexity, ask questions to all members of the family, including the child.
Psychologist asks questions to help everyone to Express of excitement inside. Of course, they are set to soft and the correct form.

Next, based on the responses, reactions of family psychology offered a hypothesis of why this or that difficulty has arisen in your family. Then, we discuss how to help your family to find harmony in a particular issue. The next step is the appointment of a number of meetings to help to apply this solution. Usually the number of consultations from 5 to 10. But it all depends on the kind of problem.

But what you, as a family, know better than all psychologists, how things work and you have the resources to solve your difficulties and family psychologists accept as a basis.

Our task is to uncover these resources and help you when there is a desire and a motive to cope with the complexity that brings you to our office.

it Happens that the difficulties lie in the personal characteristics, experiences, not related to partner. In this case, the format of meetings with a family therapist to be both together and individually.
it is Important to respect the personal boundaries of each of the family and your family border.

the Result of family therapy is different. Especially, it relates to a pair. If the couple is not ready or one of the pair is not directed to another, then the couple can break up. If in the course of consultations, the pair enters into a direct communication, not through the family therapist decides its own challenges, the chance to be together and solve their complexity is high.

Yavorskaya Elena
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